Sunday, December 28, 2014

I have dabbled in Tarte cosmetics all year so I ordered the 'Glow Beyond' collection:
I especially wanted to try the bronzer Park Ave Princess.  It looks matte in the compact but there is a little shimmer in it.  I think it is too dark for me but I do think I could lighten it up with setting powder.  I have not tried the mascara yet and may not, as I only use waterproof.
These shoes are so cute for sort of dressed-up casual; I only wear these indoors, a fancy version of "house" shoes:

No heels!!!!  I normally buy my pants in petite size so there is no hemming needed.
And of course, the fashionable 5 yr old in her Christmas finery....
I plan to resume designing hair accessories for little fashionistas after the new year and you can go here:  to see some of my former designs.  Now that brain surgery is no longer my hobby I can begin creating again, especially now that the Princess is very interested in anything pink & frilly!  They say she gets it honest, and I have nooooo idea what they mean??!!!!!!!!!    

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The holidays give me reason to bring out the "good" stuff-
Some of my Christmas china:
Lenox Holiday Dinnerware Dinner Plate (Set Of 6)
Lenox Winter Greet Dinnerware Salad Plate (Set Of 6)
I love all of these!
What are some of your favorites?

Perfume is an item I treat myself to on occasion and once in awhile I try something new. I thought I would like Tom Ford's Black Orchid but it did not turn out that way.  I usually buy Sephora's Perfume Sampler and it is a great way to sample expensive perfumes before taking the full plunge.
I have not tried all of them but there are some favorites in there like Lancome's
La vie est belle:
La vie est belle    
This is such a beautiful fragrance & it is already under my tree!

The princess has turned 5 ~

Grandchildren are such a blessing - I have enjoyed every moment of their lives.
After 4 brain surgeries, I feel so fortunate to be here and watch them grow up; this year has been one of those that if I could freeze time I would.
Blessings to all.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I can't help it - I am already thinking about next Christmas!
This year can go quietly away since I am happy to forget about 2 cars I demolished and the broken bones that are healing.
Because next year I am going to treat myself to this lovely ~ ALEXIS BITTAR LIQUID GOLD: BEAUTY BRUSH SET + STAND
Of course, I realize I won't be throwing these make-up brushes away like I normally do so I will be careful with them - they truly need to come home with me.  These are worth being good for the entire year!

This adorable case was out of stock on line but my local Ulta kindly put this aside for me until I could make it into town:
"Let's Face It" Collection has a nice assortment of eye shadows, primer, blush, bronzers, lip gloss & applicators.  This would make a nice gift or the perfect travel kit.  With my platinum discount I think it was under $10!
While I was in Ulta I also picked up this hairspray/finishing spray:
This is very softly scented & user friendly! No stiffness or dullness - I am very pleased with this purchase.

I absolutely love the new cotton tips that are so perfect for applying makeup:
I found these 2 different types & stocked up - you know it's one of those things that when you run out, you can never find them!  I really like them better than a regular eye shadow brush.

I adore the chandelier sweater look so I bought this:
I also found a very similar one for GD - she is like me = if it sparkles, we love it!
And speaking of the Princess ...................

Happy Birthday angel  ~  you are the best surprise I have ever received!
 click to view full size      

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Since I am dealing with kidney stones, the Princess has been helping:
She is almost 5 ~ where did the time go? (The front of her jammy top reads:
"I don't need a prince"~ It's soooo her!
I have enjoyed the pink & cream color scheme for a while now but I am thinking next year should be a change - but  I am not sure which colors to go with - I know red & green would not be for me but maybe a burgundy & cream color (with gold accents?) - it would not be a big departure but just different enough to keep me from being bored.
GD had not seen the Dakin & Gund bears before so of course she thinks they are for her (they are! ~ though when I bought these long ago she was just a twinkle in my eye).
Ok Santa, I think we are ready!

 This just came in my email-Tarte's 2015 Spring collection & I love matte eye shadow so I am very interested in this.....I think.  At first sight, the colors seem dark for spring but I will go into the store for an up-close look: 
tarte - Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow PaletteUsually I am all over a limited edition but I think I will have to pass on this - I am wanting lighter, pastel colors.
It will be hard to beat this year's Tarte Mattenificent Palette: 
But I love seeing new things so they have my interest!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

 It's here: Pantone's color of the year~Marsala, a  terracotta red shade, has been named the official color of the year.
It appears items with this color will be launching in Sephora and on on December 26.  This color will make beautiful lipsticks but surely too dark for blush-it will be interesting to see how the eye color palettes are created to incorporate this color.

I am still in organization mode so this armoire in the corner of my dressing room has my attention: (the back wall is all mirror)
Most of this stuff could go on the vanity but I think I will use the decorative boxes to store the eye shadows:  
I hope this nesting instinct will stay with me thru the new year ~ I could get so much accomplished!

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