Friday, December 5, 2014

 It's here: Pantone's color of the year~Marsala, a  terracotta red shade, has been named the official color of the year.
It appears items with this color will be launching in Sephora and on on December 26.  This color will make beautiful lipsticks but surely too dark for blush-it will be interesting to see how the eye color palettes are created to incorporate this color.

I am still in organization mode so this armoire in the corner of my dressing room has my attention: (the back wall is all mirror)
Most of this stuff could go on the vanity but I think I will use the decorative boxes to store the eye shadows:  
I hope this nesting instinct will stay with me thru the new year ~ I could get so much accomplished!

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  1. I will be interested to see how the color of the year is incorporated into everything!

    1. Me too! It will be interesting to see
      how this translates into the spring
      collections ~ I prefer a much softer
      color for spring & summer.

  2. Man my angel know this about me too! Love that new vehicle! Thank you for joining HSH!