Monday, October 27, 2014

Ok ~ it's confession time  - the vanity in my dressing room has been looking like this:
So I bought this and hopefully life will become organized!
I hope it will look nice with my brush holder:

Organizing this space is a work in progress and I hope I like the end result.

The princess was here and got a haircut - she knows she is adorable:

You were born an original - don't die a copy.

Monday, October 20, 2014

I tried Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish this week and it only lasted a couple of days even after using the top coat.  Gel polish products have a way to go before they are perfected.  I hope there is a new & improved soon ~ I want polish that will last more than 2 days!
This is a nice limited edition set from Tarte;
The picture on the box is the most true to the real color ~ the items are smaller than what appears on the box.  The cheek tint is the only item that was sealed & that sort of alarmed me.  I feel any product that touches the skin should be sealed.  I wrote the company about this and they simply stated that is the way this was made; therefore, I won't buy their products online anymore - I will wait to see them in person and be sure that my item is sealed.

My DIL is a teacher and takes her lunch everyday since she has to stay with the children.  She is a Southern girl so I knew she would like my tuna & macaroni salad;

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's officially fall because this was in the grocery store:
And it's only 60 calories!  Life is good!

I could not resist this when I saw it in the store:
It's Sonia Kashuk's 15th Anniversary Brush Set.  There are 15 lovely purple brushes included which is great for me because I just don't keep my brushes - I know there will be something better coming along eventually.  This will make a nice gift ~ but I'm keeping mine!

Ok, I have to say this: putting a tank top over a pair of torn jeans is not 'stylin'.  No, not even adding a pair of designer heels. And such a sloppy OOTD would cause me to dismiss a blog. This did not take any thought, preparation or instinctive design sense.  I am drawn to much more creative designs and I hope you are.

I love Chilis and now some of their main dishes are available in the grocery store:
This was very good for lunch - of course, I added hot sauce, sour cream, bacon bits & shredded cheese ~ it was delish!!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I have tried some new products that I like enough to keep in rotation:
The Bamboo Volume Spray by Alterna smells very nice and is great for fine hair.  The L'oreal Volume Filler is  a gel that thickens the hair ~ just a little product worked well.
I have not tried the eye lining tool yet as I am not sure where I put it!!!
I recently tried Dr. Jart Pore Medic Derma@Home Peeling. It's a thermal crystal scrub and 2 step process that only takes a few minutes.  It is a nice facial and I alternate it with a peel during the month:
I also use derma-abrasion crystals in the shower for all over skin renewal.
Battling wrinkles is a full time job!
This week has been difficult migraine-wise but a short review is better than nothing new to report.  I have some other new products to share once I feel well enough to try them out.  Have you tried something new that thrilled you?  Tell me about it!
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Friday, October 3, 2014

The mail lady brought some fun goodies recently:

This adorable train case (from Ulta) is filled with eye shadows, primer, gloss, eye liners and a variety of applicators.  There was also a GWP that had glosses, quads of eye shadows & brushes.  This will be fun to play with once I get my dressing room vanity in some kind of order!
Alterna Caviar Working Hairspray Duo, 7.4 fl oz.
I recently finished a bottle of  Alterna Caviar Working Hairspray - I really like this product and must have more - it worked nicely on my fine hair.    
A light hold that smells wonderful!

The migraine is now in control so I am off to rest - hope everyone has a great weekend!