Friday, June 17, 2016

This fall Louis Vuitton bag is not a stellar production:
The basic design and colors are good but not much of the iconic elements are there.  It is lovely on the face but does not draw me to spend serious $$$$$$ on this design.

I am loving the Ralph Lauren and have a similar bag:
This is my Dooney & Bourke - I really need to use it - maybe this fall.
I tend to really prefer textured bags.
This is also a Dooney & Bourke:

 I enjoy this necklace as it has several features I like: pearls & oxidized silver:
 One of my favorite fall color combinations are grey + pink so I think this is a good investment piece.

The Princess is getting a doll house for Christmas (it was on sale!) and Papaw kindly put it together without too many bad words:
He had to make a box big enough to hide it and keep it dust-free until the holidays.  I also found some miniature unfinished furniture that I will decorate in shabby chic style that will fit in this doll house.
I know she will love it.

     Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

 ~ All items purchased by me ~
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Thursday, June 9, 2016

I am enjoying the colors in the this new summer robe:
My grand daughter adores purple - I tend towards pink but this shade is a happy medium.
I also ordered another robe in a soft lilac color and I think I can become accustomed to this color, even if it isn't pink!

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette is here and I love it.  Mostly matte colors that will be fabulous year 'round and a mirror the entire size of the palette.
These are some of my favorite shades of eye shadow and all the colors will be useful for the rest of the year: the top picture is from a cloudy day - 
the bottom colors were shot with the flash - only the very light colors seemed  diff (the bottom pic is the most true).
12 lovely eye colors in Sparkling Dew, Guava, African Violet, Plum Smoke, Kir Royal, Violet Ink, Vanilla Nuts, Primrose, Fresco, Bamboo, Truffle, Espresso Bean

The top row is organized into cool colors, while the bottom row features warm colors. Both rows are arranged in light to deep shades from left to right.
I have enjoyed everything I have tried in this line including:
Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

 Loose Setting Powder in Translucent

 I have been searching for a large face powder brush and I think this is it:
From Beauty Concepts, it has a protective plastic cover and the bristles are very soft - it was under $10 so worth a try.  I might go back and pick up a back up!

If you are in the Triad area of NC swing by Mimi's Fine Consigns - she has some very nice things from clothing to decorative items for the home.

the perfect blend:

    Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

 ~ All items purchased by me ~
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Friday, June 3, 2016

June is Migraine & Headache Awareness Month.  If you know anyone that suffers from this horrible disease please learn as much as you can - to this end I have enclosed some links that may be helpful:

As a daily migraineur, I feel your pain.  I worry that my grandchildren will only remember me in bed with the shades pulled.  And when one of them comes to tell me their head hurts I almost pass out from fear that I have passed this disease on to them.
Find yourself a compassionate Dr - it may take many trys but keep going - you deserve a quality of life that you can participate in.  The  recent talk on tv of reducing pain medications makes me angry because for some of us this is our only option - after 4 brain surgeries there is nothing else to be done and yes, we have tried every medication that is available.  Find a Dr. that makes you happy.
                            Please remember this: Migraine is a disease - not a headache.

There is nothing pretty or fashionable about this disease but so many suffer and at least we can learn and be supportive for those we care about.
Be good to yourself and each other.

MHAW 2013

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