Sunday, March 27, 2016

Baked eye shadows generally give long lasting color and can be used wet or dry - I have liked most of the products I have tried.  I found this palette at a discount dept store and though I am not familiar with the brand, Paula Dorf, I bought it to try some of the colors. (I have since found that carries this brand).  I have green eyes and thought some of these green & bronze colors will be nice for spring & summer.  There were no names listed for the shadow colors but these can easily be combined to create your own version.
 The top left color of the palette will make a nice highlighter which I always use and the bottom left color will be the base - then the 2 right colors will be for my crease. There is no glitter, just a light sheen.  For $3 I can't go wrong.

I have read some beauty blogs that only discuss very expensive products - never drugstore or mid-price brands and it is always interesting to see the reviews.  But I enjoy trying new products (frequently!) so I would never spend $400 for a face cream - afterall, I have to buy my grandchildren everything they want - it's my job!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not swayed by designer labels and would not buy something just because***** created it - probably within a year another company will produce something very similar and cheaper.
Certainly, cheap is not always the way to choose something but in this day and age money is not to be taken casually.  I enjoy a bargain as much as anyone and being retired makes me conscious of my spending.
Do you let price dictate your cosmetic purchases?  Is there one item like eye cream that you simply will not compromise on?

With my last Ulta purchase I received this lovely bag with all these samples - several that I have been wanting to try - if you click on the photo, generally the picture will enlarge
AG Dry Wax is nothing like the name.  It is a great spray texturizer that helps create my 'piecey' ends - there was no build up or stickiness and did not apply wet - I will certainly buy the full size of this.
And I hope to try these this week:

If you missed last week's post be sure to go here and meet Nicole and read about her featured beauty bloggers, that just happened to include me!
She is fun and helps make your working wardrobe very stylish.

I plan to have a giveaway for eye shadow on March 31 so if you are a follower you have a chance of winning.  I would love to send one to you so start following!
See this link for pictures:

 Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

 ~ All items purchased by me ~
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Luscious Waterproof Mascara
 I can't do without mascara and I only use waterproof so this new item from Maybelline caught my eye - infused with oils to create soft lashes - there is a curved brush which helps reach from root to tips.  This is black pearl and enhances a soft look to the lashes - this may be a keeper.

Urban Decay has Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the shade of Eden and it is fabulous!
It is a matte finish and stayed that way for over 12 hrs!  It's a nice neutral color and could certainly be used as the eye shadow color alone.  If you use products like Latisse sometimes it causes some redness on the eyelid and this will certainly cover that.
But there is no reason to spend $20 when you can buy Wet nWild Take on the Day Eye Shadow Primer for under $10.  It lasted just as long with no scent and is easy to find.

My blood pressure tends to be wonky so my dr put me on a diuretic and in 2 days I lost 7lbs!!!!!!
I don't generally get crazy about my weight & eat what I want - but now I definitely will not pass up the extra piece of chocolate!

I like bagel crisps and bought this last week - my goodness, they are delicious!!!!!!!!!
The garlic flavor is for real so be sure everyone indulges or they will know you have had garlic!
Today's lunch was easy - cheeseburger wrap with honey mustard dipping sauce.
Hamburger was on sale for $1.99 which I have not seen in over a year - sure would be nice for meat prices to come down at least for a while - I have cosmetics to buy!!!!!!!!

Wow, girl friend needs a haircut!

Please go to this link and meet Nicole - a fashion blogger and brilliant scientist in Alaska!
In this post, she featured several beauty bloggers of diff ages and included me!
Thank you love!
It was very interesting to read what everyone considers important for their daily make up routine.
For me, exfoliation is paramount.
You will enjoy her blog and personal sense of style.

I plan to have a giveaway for eye shadow on March 31 so if you are a follower you have a chance of winning.  I would love to send one to you so start following!
See this link for pictures:

 Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude! 
~All items purchased by me~
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

At 62, I don't think glitter is a nice look for me; but I definitely could use more of a glow so I am happy to have tried Fiona Stiles Light Illusion Prism Palette:
This is very finely milled so you don't go overboard - which is good because I tend to be heavy handed!  You can easily build on the color but I have found just a swatch on the brush is enough.  This will certainly last for a while so it's a good investment.

Deep Wrinkle Serum from Roc is a good product and feels silky on the skin.  If I am at home all day I will reapply since I have no make up on.
There are plenty of opportunities to buy this with a discount which I did - Ulta had buy one - get one 50% off so I also bought
Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Daily Moisturizer which has SPF 30 - you cannot have too much sun protection! (the name is the correct spelling) ~ and,
whatever you put on your face & neck also apply to the back of your hands - you will thank me later!

I have always been a fan of Dior and this eye shadow (which is my weakness!) is now part of my collection!  It's just gorgeous #642 Lifting Amber.  5 colors with serum enriched primer & eye shadows.  The compact is beautiful and this would make a nice gift, even for yourself!
Yes, you deserve something lovely!  And if I buy another one it would make a nice giveaway!!!!!!
Stay tuned if you are a follower!

I am a very happy camper as my wonderful manicurist has returned to our city !!!!!!
I have tried others but no one has done to suit me since she left - thank you Nikki for coming home!
I have missed my french manicure!
My front door is almost ready for spring:
 The grapevine holder has been sort of wonky - keeping it centered has been a challenge so I used double sided tape and that has helped.  I have loved this mahogany door - it blends well with the brick and I would use this same color scheme for the next house.

Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!
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