Saturday, May 31, 2014

Since I had to have shots in my back I was rewarded with this:

These may be better than pain killers!!

I decided to try lengthening mascara (I only use waterproof) and I am happy with this product - Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara:
 This was not clumpy & did not have a bunch of noticeable fibers - I am going to stockpile this next Ulta sale.
And speaking of Ulta - they had their eye shadows Buy 2 - Get 2 free, so I chose these:
Starting at the top left: Bloom, Haight & Ashbury, Zephyr & Calla Lily.  I always love colors in the lavender/orchid range so of course I have been thrilled with the color of the year - I dread seeing it come to an end.
So I might as well comfort myself with this:
I am not usually drawn to summery fragrances but this is lovely & am so glad I bought it.  It will definitely be gone by the end of summer!

Have a great weekend my lovelies!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I just cannot get over some corp person stating to not wash jeans.  That is just completely past nasty!  I make everyone take their shoes off at the door so to not wash your clothing is mind blowing!

I recently read a blog in which she talks about the items she likes for the month - I can barely contain myself to a couple of days!! I can always find something I like or at least enjoy trying out - even though it may not stay in my permanent rotation.
This time of year bronzers are a part of everyday makeup but look at the different variations in the color of bronzers:
From left to right: Physician's Formula, Physician's Formula Bronze Booster,Physician's Formula Healthy Wear with SPF 50 in Natural Beige and the last one is Wet n'Wild "Reserve Your Cabana" with SPF 15, which is really the lightest shade.  So as a rule, I begin the early spring with the light shades & use the darker shades for contouring & shading and then as the season goes on, I can use the darker shades as make up on top of moisturizer.  These are not expensive so there is no guilt in having a variety!

As a note to all of you in my generation - was it not wonderful to see Steve Perry on stage again!
Besides the beautiful music he & Journey are known for; he also loved & lost a woman to breast cancer and showed others that's what real men do - stand my their loved ones thru it all.
Did I mention that I adore Steve Perry ????
( - This is especially for you!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One of our sweetest bloggers is leaving the blogging world:
She provided info on good products & good deals on a regular basis - the sweetness inside easily came out thru her writing.  I will miss you Shalunya!

I need some ideas: if you are designing your walk-in closet what are the most important features?  In the past I thought hanging space was how to use the most valuable closet real estate; now I am not so sure - should it be pull out drawers or open shelving- help a girl out!
I currently have a separate dressing room but this will probably be included with the closet. This downsizing will not be fun but there will so much less to keep clean!

New haircut!!! 
As always Miss Dawn performs miracles - I love her - the daughter I never had!

I recently ordered Cargo's blush, Tonga & I so love it! It is perfect without being too
pinky, peachy or bronz-y.   

I hope you are having a nice day & be good to yourself!

Monday, May 19, 2014

I have recently tried Too Faced Better Than False Lashes:

I am not someone to wear false eye lashes - it's just too hot & humid in the South but I definitely want a full look.  This product is a multiple step process but it goes on smoothly & dries quickly.  This is my do-it-yourself look:
Yes, I will buy it again but there are a couple more similar products I want to try first.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Here is a diagram on contouring for most of us:

 As a rule, darker colors push back areas while lighter colors bring them forward.
 Of course this will take serious blending but for a special occasion it would be worth it.

Here are products that I plan to try this week:


 I am a big fan of StriVectin and use it almost daily - this is the newest version.
The No 7 intense Serum has  been clinically shown to improve deep lines & is hypo-allergenic. It's from the Boots Comp in England and is fairly easy to find in the US.  I am excited to try this.
The 32 piece eye shadow set and the Shimmer Gloss set from elf was only $4.99 at TJ Maxx.  This should be a fun set.
Have a great Tues!     If it's pink or sparkly, yes I want it!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Today my daughter-in-law graduated Phi Beta Kappa which is considered to be the nation's most prestigious honor society. She accomplished this while handling 2 young children.  But whenever she needed to get work/projects completed, we took the little ones for as long as needed  - which is never a problem because I can't see my grandchildren enough - I could see them everyday!  She wants to teach and become a professor & I know she will be a good one.

                                               Congrats Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!
Phi Beta Kappa Key.png

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I have let my layers grow out while my back healed & I don't like it - I am going to have to go shorter for the summer, so fortunately I have a hair appt on Sat. I want major layers.

I like this version of my style:

Or this:      
I know it's hard to believe but my hair color is exactly the same in both photos - windows & a flash make such a difference!

Apparently this eye shadow has become a cult classic & I can see why - neutral matte colors & made in the USA!
I found this at Target & there were only 2 left.  What is your favorite eye shadow brand?
I plan to go to Ulta this weekend, so enable me!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I want to welcome my new followers - I am delighted to know you & since we love the same things, we have plenty to talk about.  Be assured I will not recommend anything I have not used and I purchase all the items I use. I have a number of younger followers & I am thrilled they can learn from my mistakes.

Barring a migraine attack, I plan to go to Ulta on Sunday & probably lose my mind!
I want a new perfume but this probably is not the best time to buy it because the summer scents are so citrus, coconut & beachy.  I am not even crazy about spring/summer clothes.  But never fear - I am sure I will come out of that store with purchases!!

I have a Linkup site on the right where I acknowledge blog hops I participate in. Now, if this is not adequate for your blog hop requirements, just send me a note & I will delete your entry.  There is just not enough room to feature every logo for each blog, so I think this is the fairest way. Also, you are receiving free advertising everyday, while our blog listing only lasts on your site for about a day before readers move on.

Now that it is May, here is my public service announcement:

                    STAY OUT OF THE SUN!!!!
Funny Summer Photos