Thursday, February 25, 2016

I have liked most of the Physicians Formula products that I have tried and the new Super BB Insta Ready Filter BB Bronzer (what a name!) is no exception.  It is a great bronzer for my fair skin and it has SPF 30 - there was no muddiness or orange tone and no odor.  I used a big fluffy brush all over my face and it looked great.  It was so good, I bought a 2nd one for my backup!
I am always in organizing mode and I have a variety of items that will be a big help
I love that these are clear & so easy to see what you have.  I also like decorative organization which includes these lovely boxes from a craft store:
                                               Now if I can just get some of this into these!
I am crazy about eye shadow ~ I will buy an entire palette for one color! But organizing the big palettes is cumbersome - I like the wooden basket idea the best so far ~ these will look nice if I keep them sitting out. (the plastic basket stays in the armoire in my dressing room)

If you like eye shadow I think you are going to like .............
Urban Decay's Naked and Smoky eye shadow palettes (Smoky was just released in 2015) ~ and I will be giving both of these away to some lucky followers!!!!! These are considered some of the most popular eye shadow palettes ever produced - nothing is too good for my followers!  If you are following you could be the lucky owner of one of these fabulous eye shadow palettes!
Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The snow arrived!  And of course by next weekend it will be 60 degs!  Only in the South.
I am grateful for the moisture as we have had drought on the acreage for the past year - I worry that someone will throw out a cigarette and catch the 30ac on fire.

I am using this new Color 10 in 1 from L'Oreal - it's called a spray protector and helps with 10 diff hair issues: 1-Protection  2-Shine  3-Softness  4-Consistency of hair fibers  5-Smothness  6-Detangling  7-Easier blow dry  8-Anti-breakage  9-Protects against the look of split ends
10-Helps reduce frizz
I am glad it has UV filters and I like the shine it provides ~ I was able to skip instant conditioner after showering.  There was also noticeable volume after blow drying - it's a keeper!

OPI's spring collection has some lovely colors - and since I had 20% off one item at Ulta, I purchased "Spare Me a French Quarter".  This is a gorgeous berry color that will be great all year.

I don't know why I am smiling because my head has hurt for 2 days even with the heavy hitter pain meds.  But that is the thing about migraineurs - we feel that we have to soldier on and put on the happy face.  It's exhausting and it really does not fool anyone - most of the family can look at my eyes and know that the headache monster is here.  But I just refuse to miss any more time with my grandchildren - I resent the time I have lost but after 4 brain surgeries there is no more to be done.
So I choose to smile!
Be well my loves.

Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!

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Friday, February 12, 2016

I saw this eye shadow from Cover Girl Trunaked Roses palette mentioned as a dupe for the  Urban Decay Naked 3.
I can see it.  I really prefer this formulation because the shimmer is not so over the top.  The colors are lovely & some of my favorite shades  -  perfect to coordinate with this year's Color of the Year.
 There is a nice silky feel to these and so easy to use - for under $10 very handy and I will not get bent out of shape if the airline destroys this!
This mineral lip gloss from Ulta is a great product.  The Rose Garnet color is perfect for all seasons and is just the right amount of moisture  ~  this definitely needs a 'back up' so I'll buy 2 more!
The Brilliant Color Lip Gloss from Ulta in Guava is very similar in color and would be a good back up.  The same product in "Cupcake" was too pink so I gave that away.

I think this is a great polish for Valentines Day~Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Queen of Hearts:
I use a nail polish dryer to speed things along and help set the topcoat:

I wanted to refresh the master bath and found 2 different items at different stores but all things coordinated just right!  I like the valance so it stays.
I found a new waste basket that coordinates with the above colors:
This 3 tier organizer was under $10 and fits nicely in this space.

The grandchildren are spending the weekend so I will roast a turkey on Sunday along with "cheesy" potatoes as GD calls my potato casserole:

If you are not a follower, you might want to think about joining, as there is a surprise on the horizon.  If you like eye shadow, I think you will like an upcoming giveaway~just for followers!

Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Good Morning!  I love mocha cappuccino.......
 Ladies, it's the first of the month so it's a good time to use the 'purple' shampoo.  If you have blonde, white or salt & pepper hair, this type of shampoo will refresh the color of your hair ~ no matter if it is out of a bottle or natural!
My Ulta order arrived but it did not save me a trip to the store because one item arrived crushed!  What a mess!
This is a new item I was excited to try but someone working in the warehouse had other plans!

But luckily this new eye shadow palette arrived safely in bubble wrap and I am enjoying these colors very much: Revlon Colorstay Romantic Nudes
I am always looking for a product that will provide volume & texture for my fine hair.  And living in the South we have to battle heat & humidity every day for most of  the year.  So let's try these 2:
                                     Suave Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
                                    L'Oreal Paris Hair Care Advanced Hairstyle Boost It Texture Mist
I used both of these ~one on each side of my hair to see if there was a big difference - there was not.
Both added a little volume - both had a mild scent that dissipated quickly so there is no conflict with your perfume.  You can easily brush through your style and rearrange it if needed.  A big plus for me is that there was no feeling of product build up on my clean hair -I hate when that happens!
If I was on a deserted island and could only have one?  I would go with Suave.
There just seemed to be more body to this product and gave more texture to my hair.

I found this adorable pin in a small shop~it will look great on a denim jacket:
I found this nice compilation of cooking conversions that will be handy in the kitchen:$/
I saw my beloved chocolate coffee is in decaf!!  It's on it's way to me!
Crazy Cups Decaf Death By chocolate Flavored Coffee Single Serve Cups for Keurig K Cups Brewer, 22 Count
If you are not a follower, you just might want to think about joining, as there is a surprise on the horizon.  If you like eye shadow, I think you will like an upcoming giveaway~just for followers!

All items purchased by me.


 Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

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