Saturday, January 28, 2017

Now that we have Pantone's color of the year - what do you think?

Pantone Color Institute Logo


PANTONE 15-0343


Color of the Year 2017 - Color Pairings and PalettesEven though I have green eyes, this is not a color I was ever crazy about - no particular reason.
But it will certainly pair well with Rose Quartz which  I like.  None the less, I will always be in love with Radiant Orchid from a couple of years ago.
PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2014 - Radiant Orchid 18-3224  
 But hopefully the cosmetics companies will utilize Greenery as a base for some
 great eye shadows -
I will definitely have to buy some of those!
How do you plan to incorporate these colors into your life - clothes, make up, decorating?
It certainly gives a freshness to upcoming Spring.

Ulta is having a sale =  ULTA Beauty Makeup, Brushes and Beauty Tools   Buy 2 Get 2 FREE 
It is a great way to stock up on the basics like brushes, primer, lip gloss.

Have you changed your skin care routine this winter?  I am trying to add more VitC  inside & out!
I normally make lemon water every morning and have tried products that have VitC in them - I have not really noticed a difference but I am not as consistent as I should be.
Do you have a favorite VitC product - I would like to try some new ones.

I got these small samples of Whish body creme - this is a new company for me so I
 will try this - anything to combat dry skin!
The info I found was interesting - the company is known for using natural products and is paraben, sulfate, TEA, DHE & petrochemical free.  Definitely worth a try!  Have you tried this brand - what did you think?

My beloved grands are here so my blueberry muffins are all ready for their breakfast!

 Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude! 

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Friday, January 20, 2017

I am a big fan of Kenra hair products and stock up when they have a sale.
I got the Texturizing Wax as I have a lot of layers in my hair that need definition.  This is a good product in mousse form but you do not need a lot - I tend to be heavy-handed so I know from experience!  Just  a small amount will do the job.
The Thickening Spray & Blow Dry Mist (thermal protectant) are nice to have in my stockpile and I add these first after shampooing - then blow dry - then add the wax which is really only needed on the ends of the layers - not especially on the roots ~ remember ~ not too much!
                                               Yes, alas, this is what 63 looks like ..........

I recently ordered this Purple Smokey Look Kit from NYX - 9 eye shadows & 2 lip colors with applicators.  I have always heard that green eyes should go for the  lavender/purple shadows and I have a zillion of them - so of course I needed this one!
 This is the appearance of the eye shadows from top to bottom-there were no names listed.  The first one (#1 shown on my arm) would be nice for the crease or as an eyeliner.
If you click on the pic it should get bigger.

It is a small compact and I will never use the lip colors - there are a few shimmer eye shadows in this set but not over the top -  I really do like these colors!
But there is fallout so keep a powder brush handy!

I rarely use this under eye concealer mainly because it is dry - I usually mix it with moisturizer and then apply but I am still not crazy about it - which is a shame because it has good ingredients.  I purchased the medium color but it was not a great match.  At least I got a little use out of it.

I am using Argan Oil regularly - it really absorbs quickly.  I use it on the face, neck and the back of my hands.  It has been unusually cold here in the South (6 deg!!) so I am using this in conjunction with upping my water intake.  It is a great moisturizer.
 What are some of your favorite moisturizers?  I can always use some more!

 Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude! 

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Since it is a new year, let's review some things that we loved from the past year - which will help us get back to using our lovely goodies!
  Rainforest After Dark by Tarte
 Colored clay eye & cheek palette - absolutely love these colors and they can be worn all year long.
bare to explore (pink beige)
make a mauve (plum mauve)
plum away with me (dark plum)
up to no gold (gold)
tan-gled up in you (tan)
don’t turn a-brown (dark brown)
unleashed (nude rose blush)
champagne (highlighter)
park ave princess (bronze)
Formulated without parabens, mineral oil, triclosan, soldium lauryl sulfate and phth

I love these colors and have only used it once - which is crazy!  They will be great for the entire year.

The formula is the same as the other quads in the Les 4 Ombres range, which is supposed to be “vibrant, pigment-rich” with “long-lasting pigments”  - great news - the spring edition of Chanel Les 4 Ombres is the same formulation!

                                      Hi; I'm Mimi and I have an eye shadow problem!!!
I still enjoy these palettes even though I rarely use them  ~ both are rose colored nude eye shadows~ L'Oreal and Ulta

The Countdown to Gorgeous from bareMinerals set was fun!  I did not want everything that was included but others did so nothing was wasted.  It was a great way to try various things in this line but I am glad I did not pay full price for the set.  Included:
Deluxe Marvelous Moxie Lip-gloss in 5 different shades
Deluxe Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm in 4 shades
Eyecolor in 5 shades
Blush in 2 shades
Radiance in 1 shade
Original Mineral Veil
Tinted Mineral Veil
Mini Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara
Mini Lash Domination Petite Precision Mascara
Deluxe SkinLongevity
I gave all the lip balms away - so far the eye shadows are very soft with a little fallout but are gentle on the skin.  Here is a pic of Thankful eye shadow which I will use in the crease:
It is a milk chocolate color - fairly powdery (is that a word??)
That is a small mascara!  I can understand smaller eye shadow samples (the larger one is Mineral Veil- I like that product a lot) - but mascara should be bigger.
But since I did not pay full price I won't complain too much.

What are some of your products that need more love - things you still enjoy but have not used consistently - share your favorites!

Att Bloggers: Do you have a reader that checks your site multiple times a day  - every day???
I have one from NJ - this person never participates or comments so I don't know the purpose of these visits, as I only publish once or twice a week.  Do you keep an eye on their IP address - which would probably be a good idea.  How do you handle the 'overly fervid' reader?
Feel free to email me if you prefer private conversation.

 Words to the Wise.:

 Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude! 

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Well next year I will not be going to the Dr at the first of the month - mine was just a ray of sunshine - NOT!!   Apparently I have bad cholestrerol, high blood pressure and a couple of other things he does not like - I am not going to make him a birthday cake this year!!!!!!!!

So let's get to the fun stuff!
I recently got this and am not sure it is a keeper for me:

The Too Faced The Power of Makeup By NikkieTutorials Palette includes:

9 Eyeshadows in Ivy, Sugar Coated, Frosted Yum, Irrestible, Painkiller, Makeup & Chill, Mystic Hour, Wham Bam, and Wanted
  •  Long-Lasting Blush in I Will Always Want You and Justify My Love
  • Highlighter in Champagne Truffle
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
There is a slight scent of cocoa powder - there is definitely fall out and the colors are out of my comfort zone - the bronzer is too dark for me and I am not really a blush person.  I suppose the middle/down section of shadows would be ok and I wish the openings were a little bigger so the products don't get mixed.
Soooooo, I guess this will make a gift for someone!

Did you get something fabulous for yourself over the holidays?  Show & Tell !!!

We had our first snow fall and it was a doozy! 10 inches - which is a lot for the South - at least it was on the weekend so people could stay put.
I put out food for the birds but the crows are so piggy!

Ummm, apparently someone needs to work on the dressing room - and unpack some of the things I bought during the after Christmas sales!!
If you come over and help I'll serve wine and cheese!!
Stay warm!

    Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

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