Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maybelline The City Mini Palettes are part of the Summer 2017 collection.  There are 6 palettes with 6 different eye shadows - this is Chill Brunch Neutrals.
 The other colors are Girls Night Glimmer, Roof Top Bronzes, Urban Jungle, Graffiti Pops, & Downtown Sunrise- though small, they are handy - for summer you could do the entire face with just these colors: highlighter, bronzer and eye shadows - some colors have a little shimmer which is perfect for the evening.  And if you are not crazy about shimmer, just put a little on the center of the lid and it will brighten the eye.

I am liking this new Thickening Lotion from AG Hair - pour some into the hand and work thru damp hair - then blow dry.  It is not heavy and gave nice body to my hair which I need with the heat & humidity. (no stiffness)

This is a good value - L'Oreal the Magic Lumi gave good coverage for under the eyes and can be used to brighten up other areas like the laugh lines.  It is a highlighter but works great as a concealer.

I put this on heavily so you could see - a nice color without being dry. This color is Fair.

Also from this line is Powder Glow Illuminator
I bought 2 colors: Golden and Rose - these are easily highlighter, bronzer and/or eye shadow.  Perfect for summer and winter - where ever you want a glow with soft shimmer.  These are frequently on sale so I might go for back ups since they can be used for more than 1 purpose.

And while we are on highlighters I finally got around to ordering Laura Geller's Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator - gorgeous!
From top: Ballerina - Peach Glow - Gilded Honey (photo taken near bright window)
This is more 'powdery' than the L'Oreal palettes - completely different colors - so I needed both!
I liked this so well......I bought a 2nd set because I am afraid they will disappear!
This set comes with a mirror & double-ended brush - these colors can be used all year - and this would make a nice gift!

Have you seen the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette ?
PSA: Urban Decay Just Dropped a Hot New Naked Palette
 Wow, it looks like I have everyone of these colors.....somewhere (see below)!
I was shocked at how neutral these colors are - nothing that shouts 'original'.  For over $50 I am going to pass - afterall, some of the fall/winter collections are coming out and will be available by Aug.

I enjoy reading diff bloggers when they show their make up 'bags' - I can't imagine having so little product that it could fit in 1 bag!  This is not even the beginning.......

Who made this mess???............ ~ must be the dressing room of a beauty blogger!

Time for lunch!!
The greens are very nice this year:

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Friday, June 16, 2017

I have been on bronzer overload for a while and many that I bought are just too dark for me.  I will probably sell the ones I have not used - but finding a lighter version has been hard.
I think this is too much for my coloring so I will try the new Hoola in Lite and it might be a keeper:
It is a matte finish so no sparkles and it does not go orange.  This is much better for my skin tone than the original Hoola bronzer: (which I never used!)

These are some bronzers I own that are too dark  - so they have to go:
 (Though sometimes when my face gets red it means my blood pressure is high, which it was because I have no blush on - I guess I should take my medication!!)

The grand children will be here for a few days so I must make spaghetti - I normally make my sauce in advance so the flavors blend.  If you are a working woman please make life easier by using prepared sauces.  There are some excellent ones in the store which help reduce your prep time.  Also during the heat of summer there is no reason to stand over a hot stove for hours making sauce from scratch - you have more 'funner' things to do !!!

 I bought Ulta's Illuminator and love it!  It is a soft peachy color with no sparkles.
This is lovely brushed across the cheekbones - then with the ring finger tap it around the eyes and anywhere there may be hollowness - it will reflect light back and give a brightness to the face - this is great for all year.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Since Ulta had L'Oreal on sale I picked the True Match Super Blendable Makeup
foundation - I went a shade lighter and use it as a concealer for under the eyes.  I chose Light Ivory (W2) and really like how smoothly it goes on.
As an insomniac, many days I need to hide my lack of sleep!  This foundation also has SPF17 which is a plus.
 * I realize I mention Ulta frequently but I have no affiliation with the company.  I live in the middle of no-where and as a daily migraineur, I often need things delivered to me when I cannot drive.  Also they constantly have sales so I like to share this info with everyone.

Continuing on the concealer idea, I recently tried Becca's Under-eye Brightening Corrector - I forgot I had this!  It is a lovely soft, creamy, almost souffle like cream and I liked how it worked.  It was  a good match for the under eye area and could be used anywhere you want more brightness.

I am not much for eye liner but recently tried Laura Geller's Inkcredible Waterproof Gel Eyeliner and will definitely buy it again.
I rubbed this hard and it did not move = no smudges - great for summer!

I need to get back to using this:
Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Brightening & Eye Serum - these products did not cause peeling on my skin like some retinol prods can and since they are open I should use them up.

The last time the grands were here they made a huge pterodactyl from a box!
I am amazed at their creativity and wish more art/creative courses were offered in the schools.

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