Thursday, July 20, 2017

I have added another Maybelline The City mini palette in Roof Top Bronzes:
 I like these colors and they can be used as highlighters as well as eye shadow.

I see the pumpkin spice fragrances are coming out and I know people enjoy these seasonal products.
I am a floral person so I have been stocking up on the shower gels for the remaining year since they have been on sale!
It's called a 3-in-1 'smoothie' - shower gel, bubble bath & shampoo.  I would not use this on my hair but it is a nice scent that will not over power perfume.  These are perfect for travel.

Since I am a mascara collector, I have found that the true bristle brushes give better coverage with mascara than the plastic brush.  I only use waterproof and I want every lash to be coated.
The real brushes just give more coverage and get closer to the lash line - so I only need 1 coat. Time saved!

I have been pitiful with migraines lately - weather is one of my triggers - and someone that loves me bought this for me!  Really - it is a head pain cure!!
I put a quarter on the package for reference!  Oh, this will easily be gone in a couple of days!

If you have left over mashed potatoes you are on the way to potato salad in a few minutes!
Simply add mayonnaise, mustard, onion (can use instant) and pickle relish to the already made up potatoes - stir together and refrigerate - so easy and no heating the kitchen back up!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Can you believe half the year is gone???!!!!!!!!!!

Let's review what we loved so far:
The Hoola Bronzer in Lite is a good prod:
It's a nice color for fair skin.

I like the Becca highlighters - not too sparkly:
Anything from Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess collection:
No7 anti-aging products - for the face & hands:
I was not crazy about the color of the year - Green - so I am looking forward to the new color this fall.
I love trying new mascaras so Lash Stash was perfect for me!

Yes, these are just a few of the hair products I have in case of emergency:
I never seem to use the same thing every day - I like to surprise my hair!!

So what did you discover this year that you loved?

I could not believe the lovely rainbow!

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Friday, July 7, 2017

I cannot believe half the year is gone!!  So much to do - and I'm not doing it!

I enjoy the Christmas in July sales and pick up some things for the tree:
I continue to decorate the tree with pink & chic & shabby decorations:

If you like Kenra hair products here are some of my favorites that I keep on hand:
Texture Wax, Thickening Spray, Blow Dry Mist and Hot Spray are all good products. They are frequently on sale and the line is always expanding to include new items.
Do you have a favorite?

Laura Geller had an anniversary recently and had good deals on some of the iconic products. This combination was a good one - the powder foundation & bronzer together:
Foundation in Fair
 Bronzer in Medium - I love this combination - the bronzer could also be used as eye shadow!
I keep these disposable applicators on hand for this reason:

The grands having a good time -  I pixilated the photo for privacy.
He has my dimple in the exact same place!  This precious thing is getting all my money!

Teriyaki chicken legs & thighs are great in the crock pot.  Any bottles of sauce that you like will be fine to use and you can add additional flavorings like worchestite sauce, some garlic & onions and soy sauce - cover for 6 hours and you have an easy meal - the grandchildren like this:
Crock pot liners are sooooo worth whatever they cost!  I use them every time!  I make my stuffing at Thanksgiving in a liner and just wrap it up and send it home with the kids!  The only way to clean up after a long day!

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 Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude! 
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Friday, June 30, 2017

Whenever I am out shopping I wander thru the make up dept - even if it's just a grocery store.
I spotted this elf Illuminating palette and liked the lightness of the colors.
The bronze color is very light which is perfect for me.These soft focus powders are infused with Vit E and Argan Oil for hydration.
I also picked up the Tone Correcting Powder:
Neither of these had sharp color when applied but I suppose you would not want green streaks on the face!  But certainly there was a nice finishing appearance when applied with a brush and the green will help tone down redness - which I have plenty of in this summer heat!  All the colors tend to appear white when applied too heavily.  Both palettes have attached mirrors.
The Illuminating Powder was not overly sparkly - very fine shimmer so it can be used during the day. Not bad for under $5.
My shopping outfit - I have to get home before my head explodes - every day is a race to see who wins = me or the head pain. We migraineurs know not to call what we experience a 'headache'.
If I need to try something on, this is easy to get out of - even the shoes are slip on - it is also comfortable if it is salon day and I will be sitting for a couple of hours ~ wonderful, glorious hours!

Ulta had this kit for summer - Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
It contains Bronze Eye Lid Primer, Liquid Bronzer, Illuminator, Baked Bronzing Duo (blush/bronzer)  Color Rush Lip Gloss in Audrey and a large double-ended brush - for under$20.
Liquid Bronzer
This is not thick and you can adjust the color by adding moisturizer

Illuminator - it appears darker in the package but goes on lightly - which is good so you can build the application if needed.
Baked Bronzing Duo - this also appears darker in the package but you can sheer this out easily - the blush is a lovely pink and this bronzer could be the contour or use in the eye crease.
Very reasonably priced at under $20 for the entire kit - the brush alone would be over $10.

If you enjoy vegetable juice try adding juice from a lemon/lime.  It will give you extra Vit C and is refreshing this time of year - definitely do this if you enjoy Bloody Marys!
I know I don't eat enough fruits & vegetables so this helps me feel not so guilty!

This was good for a quick lunch - just add tortilla chips!  Now to jazz this up, remove from the microwave after a few minutes and add some additional flavors like worcestershire sauce, a few drops of hot sauce and some extra shredded cheese.  Stir together and cook additional 2 mins in the the microwave.

My sweet beloved grands come this weekend so let the fun begin!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maybelline The City Mini Palettes are part of the Summer 2017 collection.  There are 6 palettes with 6 different eye shadows - this is Chill Brunch Neutrals.
 The other colors are Girls Night Glimmer, Roof Top Bronzes, Urban Jungle, Graffiti Pops, & Downtown Sunrise- though small, they are handy - for summer you could do the entire face with just these colors: highlighter, bronzer and eye shadows - some colors have a little shimmer which is perfect for the evening.  And if you are not crazy about shimmer, just put a little on the center of the lid and it will brighten the eye.

I am liking this new Thickening Lotion from AG Hair - pour some into the hand and work thru damp hair - then blow dry.  It is not heavy and gave nice body to my hair which I need with the heat & humidity. (no stiffness)

This is a good value - L'Oreal the Magic Lumi gave good coverage for under the eyes and can be used to brighten up other areas like the laugh lines.  It is a highlighter but works great as a concealer.

I put this on heavily so you could see - a nice color without being dry. This color is Fair.

Also from this line is Powder Glow Illuminator
I bought 2 colors: Golden and Rose - these are easily highlighter, bronzer and/or eye shadow.  Perfect for summer and winter - where ever you want a glow with soft shimmer.  These are frequently on sale so I might go for back ups since they can be used for more than 1 purpose.

And while we are on highlighters I finally got around to ordering Laura Geller's Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator - gorgeous!
From top: Ballerina - Peach Glow - Gilded Honey (photo taken near bright window)
This is more 'powdery' than the L'Oreal palettes - completely different colors - so I needed both!
I liked this so well......I bought a 2nd set because I am afraid they will disappear!
This set comes with a mirror & double-ended brush - these colors can be used all year - and this would make a nice gift!

Have you seen the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette ?
PSA: Urban Decay Just Dropped a Hot New Naked Palette
 Wow, it looks like I have everyone of these colors.....somewhere (see below)!
I was shocked at how neutral these colors are - nothing that shouts 'original'.  For over $50 I am going to pass - afterall, some of the fall/winter collections are coming out and will be available by Aug.

I enjoy reading diff bloggers when they show their make up 'bags' - I can't imagine having so little product that it could fit in 1 bag!  This is not even the beginning.......

Who made this mess???............ ~ must be the dressing room of a beauty blogger!

Time for lunch!!
The greens are very nice this year:

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