Monday, July 20, 2015

A sad week has arrived that I have been dreading - my best friend is moving out of state.
I wish for all of you to have a friend like her.
Now I know she will need things to help her settle in & I want her to know that I am thinking about her.  So I want to send her a goodie box of things she would not buy for herself.  I have a number of nice samples that I have received from Ulta & Sephora that I am putting in a make up bag.  What else should I send?  It has to be something that will survive the shipping companies so I won't send perfume!  I know she loves pumpkin raisin bread so that will be in the box - I will completely freeze the loaf and triple wrap it and put it in a zipped storage bag.  I am also getting a subscription for a magazine that she can enjoy in the evenings.  I could not find a Sephora or Ulta close to her so a gift card is out - though I could order it myself & have it sent to her.
                                      What would you like to have? 

The heat here in the South is outrageous - but I saw Halloween items in a store so I just have to hold out for fall!

I have been using these 2 different highlighters and like both of them.
Pixi by Petra in Brightening Peach - it does lighten the under eye area and has a firm texture - put this on after your moisturizer.
The Mally Perfect Prep is a lighter formulation which takes just a tiny bit to brighten any area that seems to have shadows - under the eye, the smile lines & the outside corners of the eyes.  It really lasts a long time.

If you enjoy mocha lattes you have to try this brand:
It is so delicious!
Many times it's all I need in the morning.
I love my chicken salad on organic mixed greens - that's what is for lunch today!
Stay cool my lovelies!
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Friday, July 10, 2015

With heat & high humidity here in the South I sometimes skip conditioner after shampooing - but I still love a high shine so this product is my new best friend:
It has a pretty scent and does not leave the heaviness that many argan oil products can - you just lightly mist over the top of your hair and you are good to go!

I am fairly sure I will use hair spray until the end of time and this Platinum Working Spray by Kenra is great!  You can easily comb thru it if you want to rearrange your style and there is no stickiness.  Once I am finished styling my hair I use the Kenra Super Hold Finishing Spray.

I admit to hoarding if I really love a product so this week I have been busy!
I found these Estee Lauder items at an outlet and since they are seasonal I am terrified of not being able to find them again - so Friday I am going back for more!!!!!!!!!!

I love salads this time of year and a chef's salad is a favorite - you can use whatever is on hand to make a nice lunch:
Take care of yourself in this terrible heat!
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I have some new products that are becoming super favorites!
Sexy Hair Beach Spray gives great texture & though there is argan oil in it, there is no oily heaviness - spray it all over & then blow dry - it is helping hold my style thru this awful humidity.  I may buy this by the case so I never run out!

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess products are becoming summer staples. The powder bronzer is reviewed below but I have just tried the Body Oil Spray and love the summery scent it has while softening the skin.
The little bottle has shimmer in it and looks so nice on the arms & legs.
And last but not least, the Luminous Liquid Bronzer:

Smooth this on just like face cream and you get a beautiful bronzed look  -  as a matter of fact, you can lighten the bronze look by mixing this with your moisturizer - I wish  I had  bought 2 of these!
(All products purchased by me.)

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Friday, June 19, 2015

The heat here is awful! Enough already!

I will have some new material soon - I have been busy with tests for a slowing heart.
If the fall collections would just come on out that would be exciting and make my heart beat faster!

I did find these 2 eye shadow palettes on clearance and that made me happy:
I won't use all the colors but for $3 it's fun!

Stay hydrated and don't over exert - my Dr said so!!!
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

I found these at Lands End in XS Petite - I think they will be super practical for summer. (The pictures are from the LE website)  
Another person asked if I color my hair - No I don't  but it does appear to be different colors - lighting & flashes make all the difference.  This is the color Mother Nature gave me after breast cancer and I like it since I was born with this color.
But I do think I should wear more color around my face and apparently more make up!
This grey makes my appearance too washed out.  Maybe if I had used more silver  jewelry........

One of the 'funnest' recipes to put together during this time of year is trail mix - I generally like everything that is put in it:
White & choc chips, peanut butter chips, all color raisins, dried cranberries, peanuts, cashews, almonds and Brazil nuts usually whatever is on hand!

This week I have to drive Mr. for Forty years for a liver biopsy -I am accustomed to being poked & prodded but he is not so I have let him have control of the TV this weekend - a rare event!!!!!!!
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Monday, May 25, 2015

I have been on a brush-buying binge lately:
 The real Techniques brush (on the right) is super soft and retractable - probably my new favorite.
COCO eau de parfum Chanel - I just recently found this in the dressing room armoire and though it is over 10yrs old, it still smells fabulous!  I can't decide to go ahead and use it up or keep it for posterity!

My gang loves fajitas and this in-the-oven method looks great:
  Oven Fajitas
The directions are at the  link - it seems like a great recipe!

Work Like You Don't Need The Money
Love Like You've Never Been Hurt
Dance Like Nobody's Watching

And Live Like It's Heaven On Earth

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Patti, you are sending me into withdrawal without your blog ~ but have a fabulous summer and use that sunscreen everyday.  We will miss you!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Aveeno makes a nice daily moisturizer:
My sensitive skin is happy with this product and the SPF30 is an extra bonus.

Tarte Beauty in the Basics 6 Piece Makeup Set will debut on QVC as the TSV for May 11 and though I will probably not purchase it as I have enough Tarte sets to last for eternity, if you have not tried this brand this will be a good choice to try it  out.

Here are some of my sets:
I really have enjoyed all the products I have bought and can't wait to see the fall line!

If you enjoy trying restaurant recipes here is a link to copy cat recipes - there are a ton of them!

The joys of spring: chasing after bubbles!

All About You quote

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Since Sephora was having a sale, I could not be rude and not participate!!!!!!
Here are some of my new pretties:
Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Oil
This has a vanilla & apricot scent and though not awful, I will be happy for it to dissipate.  The color was light and authentic - not orange.  I am hoping this will be worth the price. 

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer
This is a nice matte color which seems darker than the "Light" it is called.
It will not take a lot of product for everyday bronzing.
But this is not a flat matte but yet is not shimmery - it is a large compact and will easily last until next year.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF20
 I have been very happy with this prod and it is perfect for Southern summers - coverage with sun protection and a very light feel on the skin.

It has been cool and rainy here so I have enjoyed making comfort foods.  Rosemary seasoned nuts are a good snack and so easy:
   Once in a while I will allow myself sweet carbs and have French Toast for breakfast, though I rarely have breakfast (so that makes it ok!!):
Do you have a sweet indulgence?

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Friday, April 24, 2015

I am enjoying Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundcealer- This foundation/concealer has a thin consistency but has good coverage and feels very light.  It can easily be used for under the eyes without build-up.
I don' t use a brush - just my fingers to smooth out.
Here are some of my empties ~ I am so rarely consistent, it takes forever to finish something up - even if I like it!
I love my chicken salad and can never wait for it to be ready!
Besides the usual suspects, I add celery seed, oregano, herbs de provence
and only dill pickles (never sweet).
But my group would rather have goodies over anything else.
If you still have pumpkin left over from winter baking, here is a nice recipe -
 Pumpkin Pie Crunch My gang loves the taste of pumpkin so this is on my list, though I plan to use extra cinnamon.

"Exercise?  I thought you said Accessorize!"

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Whenever Ulta offers a 20% discount, I am done for!!!!!!!!
(No, this is NOT everything!!)
Since they carry drugstore and HE (high end) cosmetics, it is one-stop shopping!
I was surprised to see my items from Too Faced & Tarte reduced by 20% - but thrilled and used it as excuse to buy some things I was sort of on the fence about. Just the eye shadow was a $9 savings!
 Tartelette Matte Eye Shadow has been on my list and now I am happy to have it:
I have become a Tarte collector in the past year - I like the eye shadows & their mattes are very good.

The Too Faced Cocoa Contour really does smell like chocolate (ok, milk choc!!)
The Dark Choc will be used for the eye crease, as it is too dark for my fair skin ~
but the others will be perfect for summer.

The L'Oreal Nude 2 Palette will get a more in-depth review later - I like the colors in this set more than the first set so I am grateful it was not sold out.

The daily head pain has started so off I go for meds  - enjoy your day.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Being a person of persistence, I have found the Milani Rose Powder Blush that I was looking for!  I got the last 2 that were in stock and I really like both colors.
The Romantic Rose color could easily be used as contour on very fair skin.
Romantic Rose
Tea Rose

I think the information contained here is important - it is so vital not to share make up items.  I know it can seem that a simple swipe of a friends make up brush is innocuous but dangers may be present that we do not see:
I am the first to admit that I throw away my make up brushes routinely and since I have had a cold recently, my big powder brush is going in the trash!

These Revlon interlocking eye shadows are adorable!  I love these lilac & lavender colors and these will be great for traveling - much easier to see in the make up bag when interlocked.
My next update will show my Ulta 20% Off Haul!!  It was fun - things that I had been hesitating on are now mine!!!

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