Friday, September 12, 2014

I am on my 2nd week of using Revlon's Colorstay Gel Envy polish
(shown is Queen of Hearts = a very true red color) and like it well enough to order a new color - and praying Ulta gets this order right!!!  Last week's order was a nightmare even with help from customer service!!!!!!  This corp is large enough to do better!  Speaking of this company, they currently have a gift with purchase for the Physicians Formula cosmetics.  It is not Estee Lauder or Dior but neither is the price.  I have sensitive skin and have been able to use all the products that I have bought ~ here are some in my current rotation:
These items include highlighters, bronzers, blush, eye shadow and lip gloss that has a light in the top of the cap!

I watched an interview with Carolina Herrera yesterday and my girl is sitting there eating a grilled cheese sandwich & french fries!  What is not to love??!! Oh - and she also loves her chocolate "crunchy" - yes!!!!!!!!!  Apparently we are twins, separated at birth - I don't think she ever designed anything that I did not love.  Rock on sister girl!
The princess comes today so I had to make her favorite thing in the world:
She has good taste doesn't she!!!!!!!
Do you stitch?  I made this when I learned the princess was coming into the world:
She loves pointing out the letters and reciting the alphabet.  I can't wait to teach her how to stitch - I have enough projects to last her a lifetime!

It's time for a giveaway!  Since most of my broken bones are healed let's have fun!
Become a Follower (button on the right) by Sept. 26, 2014 and you will automatically be entered to win a new eye shadow collection with extra sample packets thrown in!!
I will email you to let you know you have won so contact me before the following 48 hours to claim the prize! ( you will have to send me your address).
And stay tuned because I have other great items ordered that will be given away later this year!
 Never regret something that once made you happy 
Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.........
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome to my world here on the mountain:
fall landscapes photo: #pbNature - Fall Landscapes Leaves changing colour. landscape_fall_colors_041010m49_zpsdqxptas2.jpg
It really is this beautiful here - I will miss it when I move:
fall landscapes photo: autumn 1072108-2-vermont-autumn.jpg  

Here is some helpful advice to enhance your eye color:Eye Color Make up
I have green eyes and use the lavender/plum colors frequently - I have tried gold and was pleased with the pop of color so I probably need to try the taupes.

I recently purchased Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum Collagen Booster to increase the
Vit C I apply to my face.  It is a nice smooth serum and a little goes a long way - I hope it will be helpful over time. 
I really like Stivectin products and just finished this one up:
I have found these products really do produce results and are worth the money.

I recently tried Tarte's Best in Faux lash fiber extentions which comes in black so you can't see all the little fibers.  Be sure to coat in mascara after application because the little fibers will fall down on the face!!! It's applied just like mascara and was ok - I did not get a lot of volume from this for a first trial run but am willing to try again when I am not in a hurry.

Do you enjoy tea? This is a nice chart for brewing diff types of tea:
tea steeping times   I prefer my tea strong so I brew for longer periods of time but this is very handy.
Cool weather starts up this week and it is wonderful to sleep with the windows open!
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

I have to update my new polish activity - the Revlon Color Envy is carrying on - there is a little wear but no chips after 4 days - I have added a clear coat on the 3rd day for additional protection and it seems to work ~ this may be a keeper.

I recently went to Sephora to retrieve my birthday gift & of course I had to make some purchases:  

I will review the purchases separately - the free gift will probably be given away, as I am not a lipstick person - strictly gloss.  Jeez, you go in for a free item & end up dropping a $100!  Must have been the migraine coming on !!!!!!!!!!
Speaking of Sephora, I recently placed an online order and qualified for free samples - of course the ones I chose did not arrive even though what I chose is still showing as available.  I hate when they send some teenage type perfume that I would never use - something else to put in the trash.
And how in the world can you have a product called 'Southern Belle' Volume Mousse and not carry it in NC ?????  Yep, I had to order it online because it was not in my store.
That's just nuts! 
I do like it - no crunchiness and a delicate scent that went away quickly (which is great because scent is a migraine trigger.)  And no build up that would have to be washed out the next day.  Now put it on the shelves!!!!!!!!!!

4yr old GD comes today to visit and we will work on "school" work - I want her fully prepared for kindergarten so that it will be an enjoyable experience for her.
She is like me - we love salty snacks so we are enjoying this new potato chip:
With my cholesterol, I don't need these but I love the flavor - only a handful!!

Much love to everyone!
ETA: the polish had very small chips today (Fri), which means it lasted almost a week - I can live with that!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Since I live in the country, I enjoy my magazines coming to the house.  But I recently went to amazon to order some and everything was automatic renewal - yuk!! that is something else I have to keep up with.  After multiple brain surgeries there is not room for too much stuff that must be remembered.  This needs to be simplified.

Ok - my recent nail polish experience ~ When I broke my back earlier this year, I stopped going to the nail salon because I could not sit up long enough to have my gel manicure.  But I still want color & protection so I was anxious to try the new gel-like polishes that have come on the market.  My first venture involved  Nutra Nail Gel Perfect - oh my, what a disappointment!!
It is a multiple process which if it had worked would have been ok - it did not.  In less than a day, there were major chips - from just taking a shower!!!!!!!!!!  It was tough to get off - regular polish remover would not budge the color.  So in the trash it goes.  It's a shame because the Snapdragon was a nice color.
So the next day I try the Revlon Gel Envy - there are some lovely colors in this line and I chose Up the Ante: it's a pretty plum color ~

I also used the Top Coat recommended so I am praying I get more than 24 hours wear~!
Stay tuned!

Let me follow up with a small review about the Calvin Klein mascara I received from Ulta - the pic is below in a previous post.  There was no significant volume and the brush was too big; it would require several applications for any dimension & that would try my patience.
Also, not being waterproof means I am going to throw it away - there are many others I am excited to try, so onward & upward.

For me, Labor Day gives me permission to decorate for fall  -
some of my favorite colors: 

I hope your holiday was wonderful!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Watching the Emmys (as I bounce around the channels) it was nice to see many of the women dressed tastefully with a nod to old Hollywood glamour.  There was a large range of red colors that looked lovely on almost everyone.

Speaking of color, here are some of Pantone's previous selections for color of the year:

Apparently the nine palettes for 2015 are: Style-Setting, Abstractions, Botanicum, Zensations, Urban Jungle, Tinted Medley, Past Traces, Serendipity and Spontaneity.
I am thinking a grayish-green would fall into these categories - it would probably not be my cup of tea but I could certainly see it in eye shadows & would give it a try.

The love of my life celebrated his 9th birthday recently and this child just gets sweeter with every passing day.  We made a Jurassic Park birthday cake & little sister 'helped'!
(white t-shirts are great for baking because you can bleach the frosting out!)

Wishing you good times & happy memories........

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

If you would like a bunch of southern blog reading to be available to you all the time, bookmark this site:
There are plenty of nice blogs for all ages & it will entertain you on a rainy day!

I received the current issue of Instyle & it is huge!  I saw a great Fendi gray bag but could not find it on line:
I do not have a gray bag so that oversight must be rectified  - of course the Prada was not too shabby either:
 My fall bags tend to be darker colors: I love this bag & have never used it - It's Dooney & Bourke:
I seem to be drawn to texture.
Are you planning to buy a new purse this season?

 I could not believe Mr. 4 40yrs brought home an almost duplicate to my beloved car:
It's a shade darker but that's ok because he thinks I may need a smaller version of my Cadillac.  So I will wait for this:

But curious minds wonder if this small car can hold the Ulta & Sephora hauls..........??

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Southern humidity is sooooo cruel!!!
We have to fight for any sort of hair style - I think this is all of the curl I am going to eek out today!  I surrender!

I like Hourglass products and have talked about the primer they produce - it is silky smooth and is perfect under powder or liquid foundation. I also use
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light (left) and Mood Light on the right.  There is not a great difference between these 2 colors but I have enjoyed using these along the neck & top of my cheekbones.  It takes very little product to create a lovely glow.
    I understand Hourglass is coming out with similar items in blushes but I will probably pass on those as I love this:

This is so perfect to keep control on the amount of blush that is used. It's Estee Lauder and I found it at an outlet.  The gradient idea is an excellent one

I did not like the sound my eye lash curler was making this morning - it is plastic because I am highly allergic to nickel and it proceeded to make 'cracking' sounds.  This is not good because these are difficult to find.  I need a sturdy one - not one from the $ store so this must go on a list = I have so many lists!  Don't laugh - one day you will be my age and fully appreciate "lists"!!!!!

I can't get over this heart shaped bruise from the steering wheel - a good-bye from the car I loved  - it kept me from breaking my neck - the ultimate gift!

Happy Birthday to all of us green-eyed girls!
Ok, I am ready for 60 to start being fun - any day now !
 Woman face green eyes vector illustration -

Friday, August 15, 2014

I have been wondering what the new color of the year will be - I loved this year's orchid color & I believe emerald was the year prior.  Let it be anything but coral!  What do you think - what would be your choice?

My girl friend just called to check on me - she will probably be moved by next year and I am so dreading that time.  She is a great shopping partner - if I can stop breaking bones for a while, we can get some serious shopping done!

Here are some basic items I got from Ulta:
But I wanted some other items and they were not in stock.  This has happened before - I go in for specific items & they are sold out.  Having been in advertising back in the day, if you promote something have enough in stock!  Gas is too expensive to drive unnecessarily.  But since it is my birthday month this was the free item:
Calvin Klein mascara - I have not tried this brand before so I will put it in the rotation.
I saw my adorable hair designer yesterday & she loves Bon Jovi and told me I needed to check out this song - I absolutely love this one:

And for my friend Valeri, a grandmother that follows the band, here is some
" cheesecake " for your birthday!!!!!!!  Enjoy!

I can't help it - isn't she adorable - don't let that sweet smile fool you - she wasn't born yesterday!!!!!

 I am off to rest the bumps & bruises - seeing the munchkins did make me feel better.

Wishing you a safe weekend.
   Amen Sister!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I hope everyone is well.  I am sick :

I have matching bruises, though I was driving.
I am sick at heart because I love this car but I am so truly thankful I was alone in the car and on the road.
So I guess my OOTD will stay the same for a while ; blue bruises with contrasting purple.
Please be very careful out there.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello August
From here, I can see fall - on the mountain, some of the leaves are starting to lighten up & Martha Stewart & I have a birthday!  And of course, my adorable grandson who loves anything about dinosaurs:
This must have been a marketing device - this has no lightening ingredients:
So I don't know where the 'lemon' highlights are supposed to come from.....maybe the oils just "shine" up the ones you already have?!?

The orchid color of the year will come to an end but this is still beautiful: I will miss this color.

I like these stripes but I certainly do need a haircut:


When a migraine comes on I start craving carbs:
There is nothing like supreme pizza with extras added on: cheese, olives & sauce.  I never eat the crust but love everything else!

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Have a lovely weekend.