Sunday, July 24, 2016

As most people, I need help covering some darkness under my eyes.
"Dreamlit" under eye brightener from Pacifica is wonderful! You honestly get coverage and brightening without sparkle. It claims to have anti-aging benefits which is just a plus!
I think most skin tones could use this and I use it several times a week - it's a keeper!!
I will pick up another one when Ulta has another 20% off.

One of the things I seem to 'collect' are make up organizers - these are some of them - wouldn't it be great if there were things actually in them???!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, to be organized!
While looking at some new ones I came across one very similar that was over $250 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At first I thought this must be a misprint because it was not made of gold just acrylic like my others.  I just did not see that it was special enough to spend that amount of money. I try to stay around $20.

Cover Girl Professional Super Thick Lash is a great product. Not always easy to find but worth the hunt.  The brush coated every lash and the formula was not goopy - it also is helpful to keep the cap on tightly - I must have been in a rush!!

I just have to reminisce for a moment - I still love the color Radiant Orchid.......
I hope the upcoming year is another good one for lovely colors - I have thoroughly enjoyed this year's Rose Quartz and Serenity.

And since we are reminiscing, I have pulled out Bobbi Brown's Lilac Rose Collection eye shadow.
I have never used this but I still love it.

Since it is hotter than hades I try to make cool foods - like my chicken salad. Add wheat crackers and a simple lunch is ready.  I enjoy using herbes de provence for seasoning and a little extra oregano.
I keep canned chicken in the pantry year round for convenience.

Less than 60 days until fall!!

Att Blogger: I do not like the new Followers widget you put on my blog - it is not an improvement as there is no options button - it looks terrible and is smaller than the previous one.  People are also complaining  they cannot follow - this is NOT an improvement!

There is also this from the Blogger Forum:
" As we mentioned some weeks ago, starting this week, we’ll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other OpenId providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. To follow a blog via Google Friend Connect now, readers will need a Google Account (the same they use for Gmail or YouTube). There will be no need for readers to be signed in, or to have a Google+ profile.
  • What does  this mean for you and your blog? We’ll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count ".
    Gee, thanks........ what an improvement!

Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

I could not resist 2 of Too Faced's new additions:
I tend to not be drawn to 'cute' but these are and very usable.
Love Flush
                           Left to Right: Love Hangover; Baby Love, I Will Always Love You

               Left to Right: How Deep is Your Love; Justify My Love; Your Love is King
These are very pretty and Baby Love & I Will Always Love You can easily be used as bronzer.
There is a long mirror on the lid.
I am not a big blush person but I will certainly use at least 3 of these colors.

Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection - yes it does smell like peaches!

The colors are nice and will be fine for year round.  If you are thinking ahead to holidays
this will make a nice gift.

I used "Just Peachy" (top color) on the middle of my eye lid and "Charmed I'm Sure" (bottom color) in the crease - then just a dot of "Tempting" on the very outer corner of the lid.  I am not into coral but the outfit I wore was in the 'peachy' shade family and it did provide a brightness to my eyes that I did not expect.  This palette was definitely out of my comfort zone but so glad I gave it a try.
The scent dissipates quickly so don't be afraid of it.

Chanel's fall collection is based on red and  no one does a red lipstick better than Chanel.
But this same color in eye shadow is going to be hard for a lot of us to pull off.  But that's ok since they have sooooo many other colors I love.
                                         Chanel Les 4 Ombres in 14 Prelude and 32 Prelude

This was irresistible at under $14 - I change my brushes frequently and also use disposable brushes.
  This is a nice variety of brushes - small & medium which are perfect for eye make up.  I definitely use more eye make up than any other category.

I have several new followers and I am delighted to have you here.  Your blogs are very interesting and I enjoy seeing products available in other countries.  Many new European bloggers seem much more interested in following each other than I find in America.  It is wonderful meeting all of you!

Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Another week of 90 deg heat & humidity - maybe we were very bad in another life!

I am liking Laura Geller Baked Mediterranean Bronzer
You can choose light to darker - the inner color is the lightest bronzer and the outer edge is the darker color - these can be used alone or swirled together.  This appears similar to
Guerlain Terracotta Terra Magnifica which is $78 - this was around $30.
I could certainly use this year round as the color is not too harsh or too sparkly.

I could not resist this eye shadow from Estee Lauder - Pure Color in Sterling Plums
 All the colors to do an ombre eye are in one place - these violets are very pretty and the compact itself is lovely - this would make a nice gift.

My love bugs will be here this week - I have all their favorite foods and some surprises including new coloring books.

 I could not resist this: Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Especially when you add choc chips!  Summer is the only time I crave ice cream so I splurge on the good stuff.
Someone else that looks forward to the holidays:

Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

I am not a summer person - I don't really like anything about it: the heat & humidity, the bugs - even the clothes don't seem exciting.  But when the make up companies start teasing us with the holiday releases, I think I can live another day.  Too Faced kinda, sort of gave us some pics that look interesting (about half way down the page at:
It would seem  "Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog Latte, Gingerbread Cookies" could be scents/eye shadows for the 2016 holiday season.  Surely they will start appearing by Sept!

Ulta sent me a 20% discount but unfortunately the website was wonky so I did not order everything I had originally planned.  But I was pleased for the most part:

It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Ombre Bronzer

This is a matte bronzer - the bottom half is too dark for me but the top half will work.

 Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste

This  will help create my 'piecey' ends

L'Oreal Colour Riche Pocket Palette

                                          Left: Violet Amour~~~~Right: Avenue Des Roses
 These are small and perfect for travel - I think a variety of these will make nice gifts - young people will enjoy playing with the variety of colors.

Ulta Hello Beautiful Deluxe Palette

28 Limited Edition Eyeshadow Shades

Mini Butter Balm in Belle

Mini Matte Lip Cream in Striking

Mini Eyeliner in Black Out



Banana Powder

Bronzer and a large mirror

This will make a great gift - it's not too early to think about the holidays!

 There were some other things but these were the most important. A little bird told me there might be another 20% discount in Aug - or at least Sept - I have already started creating my list!
My adorable grandchildren were here last week and we decided to go to the science museum. GD was there when she was 2 and apparently is still not afraid of the dinosaurs 4 yrs later:
    Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  
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Friday, June 17, 2016

This fall Louis Vuitton bag is not a stellar production:
The basic design and colors are good but not much of the iconic elements are there.  It is lovely on the face but does not draw me to spend serious $$$$$$ on this design.

I am loving the Ralph Lauren and have a similar bag:
This is my Dooney & Bourke - I really need to use it - maybe this fall.
I tend to really prefer textured bags.
This is also a Dooney & Bourke:

 I enjoy this necklace as it has several features I like: pearls & oxidized silver:
 One of my favorite fall color combinations are grey + pink so I think this is a good investment piece.

The Princess is getting a doll house for Christmas (it was on sale!) and Papaw kindly put it together without too many bad words:
He had to make a box big enough to hide it and keep it dust-free until the holidays.  I also found some miniature unfinished furniture that I will decorate in shabby chic style that will fit in this doll house.
I know she will love it.

     Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I am enjoying the colors in the this new summer robe:
My grand daughter adores purple - I tend towards pink but this shade is a happy medium.
I also ordered another robe in a soft lilac color and I think I can become accustomed to this color, even if it isn't pink!

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette is here and I love it.  Mostly matte colors that will be fabulous year 'round and a mirror the entire size of the palette.
These are some of my favorite shades of eye shadow and all the colors will be useful for the rest of the year: the top picture is from a cloudy day - 
the bottom colors were shot with the flash - only the very light colors seemed  diff (the bottom pic is the most true).
12 lovely eye colors in Sparkling Dew, Guava, African Violet, Plum Smoke, Kir Royal, Violet Ink, Vanilla Nuts, Primrose, Fresco, Bamboo, Truffle, Espresso Bean

The top row is organized into cool colors, while the bottom row features warm colors. Both rows are arranged in light to deep shades from left to right.
I have enjoyed everything I have tried in this line including:
Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

 Loose Setting Powder in Translucent

 I have been searching for a large face powder brush and I think this is it:
From Beauty Concepts, it has a protective plastic cover and the bristles are very soft - it was under $10 so worth a try.  I might go back and pick up a back up!

If you are in the Triad area of NC swing by Mimi's Fine Consigns - she has some very nice things from clothing to decorative items for the home.

the perfect blend:

    Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

 ~ All items purchased by me ~
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