Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thank you for all the chocolate but it has to stop - laying around eating these divine morsels is going to take a toll!

Truly I do not need any more temptation - at least wait until Valentines Day!
As a rule we don't make a fuss about V Day here except for the 2 grandchildren & they love cupcakes so that is easy - the best part is just having them here for the weekend.  I want my beloveds to know thru out the year how special they are & I hope I am accomplishing that.  I still can't be out of bed for long periods but I do hope Chilis chips & salsa find their way to my house!

I have been trying to put some spring accessories together, which will include variations of the color of the year - what do you think?

The bracelet on the right is champagne diamonds & I love it but never wear it - I'm not getting any younger so what am I saving it for?????
I also love this bag & have never used it:

I think orchid & various shades of pink are going to be "my" colors this spring, when I can finally get out of the house!
We are supposed to get snow here again so I will just rest in front of the fireplace - I hope you have a great weekend & please be safe on the roads.

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  1. Such pretty colour combinations, perfect for spring. Enjoy the grand children.
    Best wishes, Jill

  2. These are gorgeous colours for spring. Ideal. *follower
    Follow me please:
    Renee x

  3. Hello dear, so nice of you for dropping by and linked up with Très Chic Style Bits.
    Thank you so much!!!
    As for your spring accessories they are just perfection.
    Keep in touch if you feel like it, it will be a pleasure.

  4. I love your spring color combo. Glad I found your blog and will be following you. Hope you'll stop by and visit me.

  5. Love everything but the purple clutch, just a little to pastel for me. Glad you are starting to heal!

  6. These spring-look accessories are so pretty and cheery. Everything goes with chocolate, too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  7. I also fell in love with this LV Speedy Watercolor & have probably only used that bag 4 times - and when I found this scarf with the same colors
    I thought it would look nice together.

  8. What are you waiting for, indeed! You should never take it off.
    Pretty pink accessories ... instant Valentine's Day kit!