Friday, January 31, 2014

Apparently the cool chickens have started incorporating the color of the year!

I so want shoes in this color!

Before I messed up my back I found this & thought it was a bargain:
10 brushes for $10!!  No, they aren't brushes I will keep forever but I am bad to throw my brushes away instead of clean them - I confess!  The upside is that if I don't like them, there is not a big investment.
But I do like these brushes and they are easy to find:
There is a large variety & different sizes and they are very soft which is important with sensitive skin.
I have been up long enough - I walked into the kitchen thinking I was craving something but did not find anything, so I will just go take the pain meds & call it a day!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your back. I can't imagine dealing with that. I'm glad you were able to get up some.

  2. Love the "radiant orchid" eggs. I've been gravitating toward everything in that color and by the looks of women I see on the street, they have too. Yes, shoes that color would be fabulous!