Friday, June 30, 2017

Whenever I am out shopping I wander thru the make up dept - even if it's just a grocery store.
I spotted this elf Illuminating palette and liked the lightness of the colors.
The bronze color is very light which is perfect for me.These soft focus powders are infused with Vit E and Argan Oil for hydration.
I also picked up the Tone Correcting Powder:
Neither of these had sharp color when applied but I suppose you would not want green streaks on the face!  But certainly there was a nice finishing appearance when applied with a brush and the green will help tone down redness - which I have plenty of in this summer heat!  All the colors tend to appear white when applied too heavily.  Both palettes have attached mirrors.
The Illuminating Powder was not overly sparkly - very fine shimmer so it can be used during the day. Not bad for under $5.
My shopping outfit - I have to get home before my head explodes - every day is a race to see who wins = me or the head pain. We migraineurs know not to call what we experience a 'headache'.
If I need to try something on, this is easy to get out of - even the shoes are slip on - it is also comfortable if it is salon day and I will be sitting for a couple of hours ~ wonderful, glorious hours!

Ulta had this kit for summer - Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
It contains Bronze Eye Lid Primer, Liquid Bronzer, Illuminator, Baked Bronzing Duo (blush/bronzer)  Color Rush Lip Gloss in Audrey and a large double-ended brush - for under$20.
Liquid Bronzer
This is not thick and you can adjust the color by adding moisturizer

Illuminator - it appears darker in the package but goes on lightly - which is good so you can build the application if needed.
Baked Bronzing Duo - this also appears darker in the package but you can sheer this out easily - the blush is a lovely pink and this bronzer could be the contour or use in the eye crease.
Very reasonably priced at under $20 for the entire kit - the brush alone would be over $10.

If you enjoy vegetable juice try adding juice from a lemon/lime.  It will give you extra Vit C and is refreshing this time of year - definitely do this if you enjoy Bloody Marys!
I know I don't eat enough fruits & vegetables so this helps me feel not so guilty!

This was good for a quick lunch - just add tortilla chips!  Now to jazz this up, remove from the microwave after a few minutes and add some additional flavors like worcestershire sauce, a few drops of hot sauce and some extra shredded cheese.  Stir together and cook additional 2 mins in the the microwave.

My sweet beloved grands come this weekend so let the fun begin!

                                          Etsy shop:
New things will be listed everyday as the brick & mortar shop is closed.

~ All items purchased by me unless otherwise noted ~
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  1. Great products :)

  2. Great post!

  3. I love those eyeshadow palettes! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  4. You picked up some great products! The Elf palettes look fab! Thanks for linking up :-)

    Emma xxx

  5. Oooh I'm going to have to look for that elf pallette! Love the colors in it. Thanks for joining in on the Style File Link Up today!


  6. I'm sorry to hear that you suffer with migraines. I've had only a few in my adult life, and you're right - a headache sounds just silly when you're driven to a dark room and fighting nausea from pain. I too enjoy shopping the make up aisles. For awhile i was stuck on Tarte cosmetics...still there really. Thank you for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

  7. Great post and lovely products!

  8. Love the illuminator! I have not tried Elf, but like Becca and think you mentioned that before. I am sorry you have migraines, that must be very hard to deal with. I don't try much on in the store either, but it is good to consider something easy to get on and off, to get out quickly!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  9. Great pink top. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.