Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome to my world here on the mountain:
fall landscapes photo: #pbNature - Fall Landscapes Leaves changing colour. landscape_fall_colors_041010m49_zpsdqxptas2.jpg
It really is this beautiful here - I will miss it when I move:
fall landscapes photo: autumn 1072108-2-vermont-autumn.jpg  

Here is some helpful advice to enhance your eye color:Eye Color Make up
I have green eyes and use the lavender/plum colors frequently - I have tried gold and was pleased with the pop of color so I probably need to try the taupes.

I recently purchased Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum Collagen Booster to increase the
Vit C I apply to my face.  It is a nice smooth serum and a little goes a long way - I hope it will be helpful over time. 
I really like Stivectin products and just finished this one up:
I have found these products really do produce results and are worth the money.

I recently tried Tarte's Best in Faux lash fiber extentions which comes in black so you can't see all the little fibers.  Be sure to coat in mascara after application because the little fibers will fall down on the face!!! It's applied just like mascara and was ok - I did not get a lot of volume from this for a first trial run but am willing to try again when I am not in a hurry.

Do you enjoy tea? This is a nice chart for brewing diff types of tea:
tea steeping times   I prefer my tea strong so I brew for longer periods of time but this is very handy.
Cool weather starts up this week and it is wonderful to sleep with the windows open!
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  1. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and for all the useful info. I do love my teas : >

  2. I usually brew my tea double the time they are indicating on that chart haha. Very nice area you live in :)

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  3. Thanks for the info! I love tea, big tea drinker. I also love love the pics of the leaves in the mountains. My hubby and I are renting a house in Asheville during the hottest months here next year, love the mountains!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

    1. Even though you will be in the mountains during summer,
      ever so often, you will see a few leaves that are beginning
      to change - I start leaf watching in June and am never

  4. Gorgeous Fall pictures!!

  5. Oh WOW! LOVE those awesome autumn photos! Thank you for sharing for the Grand Social. :)

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  7. really useful piece of information ;) I love your blog :)
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    1. Thank you very much - the outfits on your blog
      look terrific!

    2. Holaaa !! nos encanta tu blog !! nosotras acabamos de abrir uno sobre bodas, estamos empezando y nos encantaría contar con tu ayuda para ir creciendo poco a poco, nosotras ya te seguimos vía GFC y Facebook !! Un besazooo te esperamos en Boda a la moda

    3. All the wedding dresses are so lovely - I enjoyed your blog
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  8. hello, I loved the post and everything you teach us, thanks

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  9. What a fun post! (I just left an Irish Breakfast tea bag in for an half-hour. Best cuppa ever!)
    You'd know this ...not that you'd need this product, of course ... but what do you think is the best stuff for firming the jawline?

    1. Jan, you are gorgeous without any creams!! If you don't want to use Retin A, definitely try Strivectin - I have scars from a laser that went badly and the Strivectin has helped immensely.
      It does not cause peeling like Retin A does so it does well on sensitive skin. I am using everything right now so I will look like something when the holidays roll around - all those pictures!!!!

  10. I just started applying vitamin C serum to my face. The product I got was off Amazon, but I am going to check out the product you use, too! I have brown eyes and I was surprised plum/purple wasn't listed as a color... that is one of my favorite colors to use on my eyes! I love more natural colors, too, tho.

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