Thursday, September 4, 2014

I have to update my new polish activity - the Revlon Color Envy is carrying on - there is a little wear but no chips after 4 days - I have added a clear coat on the 3rd day for additional protection and it seems to work ~ this may be a keeper.

I recently went to Sephora to retrieve my birthday gift & of course I had to make some purchases:  

I will review the purchases separately - the free gift will probably be given away, as I am not a lipstick person - strictly gloss.  Jeez, you go in for a free item & end up dropping a $100!  Must have been the migraine coming on !!!!!!!!!!
Speaking of Sephora, I recently placed an online order and qualified for free samples - of course the ones I chose did not arrive even though what I chose is still showing as available.  I hate when they send some teenage type perfume that I would never use - something else to put in the trash.
And how in the world can you have a product called 'Southern Belle' Volume Mousse and not carry it in NC ?????  Yep, I had to order it online because it was not in my store.
That's just nuts! 
I do like it - no crunchiness and a delicate scent that went away quickly (which is great because scent is a migraine trigger.)  And no build up that would have to be washed out the next day.  Now put it on the shelves!!!!!!!!!!

4yr old GD comes today to visit and we will work on "school" work - I want her fully prepared for kindergarten so that it will be an enjoyable experience for her.
She is like me - we love salty snacks so we are enjoying this new potato chip:
With my cholesterol, I don't need these but I love the flavor - only a handful!!

Much love to everyone!
ETA: the polish had very small chips today (Fri), which means it lasted almost a week - I can live with that!


  1. I recently got that same exact birthday gift from Sephora and you may want to try the lipstick. It came on very light and was more like a tinted lip gloss to me then a lipstick. But, it was so small that now I've lost it and I hope I find it again soon, because I was really pleased with it.

  2. That potato chip sounds like it would be delicious! I don't like bacon though (I know, I'm crazy) but the mac and cheese part? Yum!

  3. All these products sound great! The food sounds amazing too. Mmm salty chips <3 Haha your daughter is so cute xx


    1. I am flattered - she is my grand daughter;
      the wonderful thing about grandchildren is
      they are your 2nd chance and it is fun the
      second time around!

  4. so great cosmetics! nice post:)
    please visit me in free time:)

  5. All great items 'cept the Mac and Cheese. My Mom's Mac and Cheese was the absolute best ever cuz it was all homemade. None of the powdered cheese for her. She was a purist. I loved my Mom. Hey, yes our earrings are in the same place aren't they? No Chemo Monday is soon to be here!!!! Thanks for coming to Fashion item Friday!!!! ♥, Renae

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