Thursday, August 21, 2014

Southern humidity is sooooo cruel!!!
We have to fight for any sort of hair style - I think this is all of the curl I am going to eek out today!  I surrender!

I like Hourglass products and have talked about the primer they produce - it is silky smooth and is perfect under powder or liquid foundation. I also use
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light (left) and Mood Light on the right.  There is not a great difference between these 2 colors but I have enjoyed using these along the neck & top of my cheekbones.  It takes very little product to create a lovely glow.
    I understand Hourglass is coming out with similar items in blushes but I will probably pass on those as I love this:

This is so perfect to keep control on the amount of blush that is used. It's Estee Lauder and I found it at an outlet.  The gradient idea is an excellent one

I did not like the sound my eye lash curler was making this morning - it is plastic because I am highly allergic to nickel and it proceeded to make 'cracking' sounds.  This is not good because these are difficult to find.  I need a sturdy one - not one from the $ store so this must go on a list = I have so many lists!  Don't laugh - one day you will be my age and fully appreciate "lists"!!!!!

I can't get over this heart shaped bruise from the steering wheel - a good-bye from the car I loved  - it kept me from breaking my neck - the ultimate gift!

Happy Birthday to all of us green-eyed girls!
Ok, I am ready for 60 to start being fun - any day now !


  1. I agree that summer humidity is cruel and has far out-stayed it's welcome! I hope that bruise heals fast, looks painful!

  2. Nice post!! :)
    Hope you can check out my site. If you want we can follow each other via GFC, let me know. :)