Friday, August 15, 2014

I have been wondering what the new color of the year will be - I loved this year's orchid color & I believe emerald was the year prior.  Let it be anything but coral!  What do you think - what would be your choice?

My girl friend just called to check on me - she will probably be moved by next year and I am so dreading that time.  She is a great shopping partner - if I can stop breaking bones for a while, we can get some serious shopping done!

Here are some basic items I got from Ulta:
But I wanted some other items and they were not in stock.  This has happened before - I go in for specific items & they are sold out.  Having been in advertising back in the day, if you promote something have enough in stock!  Gas is too expensive to drive unnecessarily.  But since it is my birthday month this was the free item:
Calvin Klein mascara - I have not tried this brand before so I will put it in the rotation.
I saw my adorable hair designer yesterday & she loves Bon Jovi and told me I needed to check out this song - I absolutely love this one:

And for my friend Valeri, a grandmother that follows the band, here is some
" cheesecake " for your birthday!!!!!!!  Enjoy!

I can't help it - isn't she adorable - don't let that sweet smile fool you - she wasn't born yesterday!!!!!

 I am off to rest the bumps & bruises - seeing the munchkins did make me feel better.

Wishing you a safe weekend.
   Amen Sister!!!!


  1. I would say a rich purple or emerald would be my favorite colors for the upcoming season.
    rom the link up,
    please stop by, jess

  2. I have that CK Mascara -- I am really happy with it!!