Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Apparently I am a hairspray collector - but I can explain!!!!!!!!!
I need soft & brush-able formulations & for the hot & humid days, I need major hold.
I will try anything once which would explain my current collection:
Do I have to confess there is another shelf  I didn't show..........

I was at Ulta's on Monday and I picked this up:
I have read good things about this brand & look forward to trying it.  The set includes a day & night formulation for wrinkles and unevenness.

Can you believe half the year is over ????!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have started some Christmas shopping and my little grandson will be starting school in a few weeks - time is going by too fast!

All my best to you.


  1. It's funny to see your hairspray set! Even if, to be honest, I have to say I have so many too!

    1. We are good for the economy!!
      I try to buy unscented so it doesn't clash with my
      perfume - I am still on the look out for the ultimate
      soft hold but everything melts here in the South during
      the summer!

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  3. I am following- thank you for visiting!