Saturday, June 28, 2014

What are your opinions about g+?  Do you use it & find it helpful or no big deal.
I could not do fb because I would never allow my pictures to be used without my permission.  A college friend invited me to join her on g+ & I just don't know enough about its purpose = how different is g+ from fb?  Is there more protection for the blog content?
I also have not joined bloglovin as I did not see the benefits.
Thanks for any opinions.

Since more x-rays are in order, I just don't bother with make up - just clean! Since I should not be bending over, blow drying is a pain - so this is just some volumizer & the flat iron:
 I swear I've had enough x-rays for 3 people in a lifetime - seriously, I believe I could work the machine!  I asked my Dr why my face gets so flushed & he told me pain can cause the blood pressure to go up which will cause flushing.  He told me he could just look at my face & see that I am in pain - he swears I don't tell him how bad the pain is -
there might be some truth to that but I hate to be whiny.  Ok, maybe migraines & a broken back are justified but honestly, I go to the Dr often enough, I know his birthday!
At least my shorter haircut came at a good time.

My friend found this adorable box which will be perfect for eye shadows:

I absolutely love these colors - I just now realized how they compliment each other!
How do you handle organizing small items?  For me, organization is a work in progress!

Much love to all!!!

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