Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I just cannot get over some corp person stating to not wash jeans.  That is just completely past nasty!  I make everyone take their shoes off at the door so to not wash your clothing is mind blowing!

I recently read a blog in which she talks about the items she likes for the month - I can barely contain myself to a couple of days!! I can always find something I like or at least enjoy trying out - even though it may not stay in my permanent rotation.
This time of year bronzers are a part of everyday makeup but look at the different variations in the color of bronzers:
From left to right: Physician's Formula, Physician's Formula Bronze Booster,Physician's Formula Healthy Wear with SPF 50 in Natural Beige and the last one is Wet n'Wild "Reserve Your Cabana" with SPF 15, which is really the lightest shade.  So as a rule, I begin the early spring with the light shades & use the darker shades for contouring & shading and then as the season goes on, I can use the darker shades as make up on top of moisturizer.  These are not expensive so there is no guilt in having a variety!

As a note to all of you in my generation - was it not wonderful to see Steve Perry on stage again!
Besides the beautiful music he & Journey are known for; he also loved & lost a woman to breast cancer and showed others that's what real men do - stand my their loved ones thru it all.
Did I mention that I adore Steve Perry ????
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  1. Oh thanks so much, Mimi! It is nice to know that there are loving mates, companions, husbands that are so caring and giving in times of need, as is mine. Paul McCartney also served a wife with breast cancer, huh? Thanks for the sweet words and attention to my post, too. ♥, Renae

    1. Oh I am doing well. Not much meds and my energy is back. Thanks for your help and friendship. (hug)

      Ps. and for joining with us in Fashion item Friday! yay!

  2. I really do need to try some Physicians Formula products, they look really good!

  3. Did not know that about Perry ... is that why he left Journey? Good reason. Knew he was a great guy, just not how great. Sad news, but an inspiring story.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the Steve Perry link. How can such a musical icon not have performed for 20 years?!

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