Wednesday, March 5, 2014

As I looked thru the new fashion magazines that arrived, this thought came to me:
 I love that the name "ombre" had to be created to explain why people will not maintain their hair color!   There are so many lovely colors out there  -  STOP!!

 I open my email from Estee Lauder & see some pics from the fall runway & this is what they are showing!
Pools of grey & green - where is the color of the year?  -  I will not be purchasing "Camo Chrome" for fall.  This poor girl looks like someone smacked her!
I can't stand it any more - on to something that is cute to look at :
Do you think she will be able to find a date for the prom?
She is coming this weekend & has requested cupcakes with sprinkles - I hope all her wants are this simple for now & forever!


  1. I love the magazines. They are so beautiful, and so much of it is unobtainable that I look at them with no pressure, in the same way I look at art. I can't have the same dress, or the same shoe, but I can have the idea, and use it when it's appropriate for me.
    But I know what you mean ... what's wonderful is that there are so MANY ideas available. If this doesn't work, then keep looking if you need a change for spring. It also helps me to remember that these how to articles are from twenty-somethings who aren't experts on much of anything.
    Pretty baby ... you are quite right.

  2. Some ombré hair looks acceptable, but I agree haha.
    What a cute little girl! I hope she gets her cupcakes with sprinkles.