Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My heart has been stolen by 2 new perfumes!!  Tom Ford's Black Orchid and Nest's Black Tulip are just beyond wonderful!  TF  is an exotic, warm spice & sensual with rich & dark scents of black orchids  ~ has a nice longevity.  It is a lovely floral and perfect for winter.
Black tulip is warm & sensual with a musky undertone but still sweet - nothing artificial  ~ wish it would last  longer - but I don't care ~ it gives me a reason to add fragrance throughout the day!  It is a wonderful floral and fabulous for fall & winter.
When I use intense full-bodied fragrance I apply unscented argan body butter before applying my perfume so there is no clash or diluting of the scent.

The first snow fall for the NC mountains!!  So glad I did not have to go out as the roads have not been cleared in 2 days!

This is short my dears as I have a virus and cannot overcome the nausea even with crackers & ginger ale so the Dr sent a medication to control it.  At least it is not the week of Christmas as there is still much to do when I can stay up-right for more than an hour!
Be well lovelies!

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