Friday, October 27, 2017

I recently bought these blue pearl drop earrings and love them!
I love pearls in all their forms and even have the ones I wore on my wedding day. (I still have the originals = the earrings & the husband!).

 I enjoy Laura Geller products and could not resist this jewel box with products I have been craving!
 I have searched for Ethereal Pink for some time and found it in this collection (below)- she no longer offers it on her website and it is the perfect pink in blush.  The right side of this compact is Sateen Subtle Berry which has a soft taupe color to my eye~it could easily be a bronzer or used in the crease of the eye.
 This is baked eye shadow in Almond/Chocolate.  All the compacts have mirrors attached.

 I recently saw on an auction site make up that was "refurbished" ???????  If someone can explain this to me I would appreciate it - what does it involve? Dumpster diving products that were wiped off?  I can't believe this is even allowed! Please be careful my lovelies.

The harvest moon over the mountains ~

                                            Etsy shop:
New things will be listed everyday as the brick & mortar shop is closed.

 Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude! 

~ All items purchased by me unless otherwise noted ~
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  1. Lovely post, my darling, so nice and interesting! Great accessories! Look amazing! You are so beautiful and cute! This hairstyle is perfect for u!

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  2. Great post and great accessories. <3
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  3. Hi! Great post and I love your photos! This earrings looks great :)
    Can you follow me? I follow you. ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Tsukiakari from

    1. I will be happy to follow you when blogger get the follower gadget fixed. Here is the forum to let them know it is not working:!topic/blogger/TWVzg1ydmAs;context-place=topicsearchin/blogger/category$3Asomething-is-broken -
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  4. Lovely earrings my dear
    Have a good day

  5. Such cool inspiration! Have a great weekend ahead!


  6. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. these earrings are stunning! Great classic with a twist.

  7. I love all that ear rings & cosmetics too , great choice.
    Thanks for visiting my blog & comment. I am following you too dear, keep in touch.

  8. Oh those blue pearl drops are really beautiful! <3
    Pearls in general are - but I think the blue ones are special. :D


  9. Oh! I love pearls!!! Thanks for linking up at Trekking Thru!