Thursday, November 3, 2016

I realize this was a summer release but I was on the fence about it - so just now got it and I am not sure I will keep it. Yes it does have a slight sweet/peach scent.  I have never been crazy about orange/coral colors but there are only 2 in this palette so that's ok - the colors tend to be darker than I normally use so this may end up being a gift.
                                                Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow
                        18 shades of matte, shimmer, and satin pretty peach & copper tones

White Peach
Just Peachy
Bless Her Heart
Charmed I'm Sure
Candied Peach
Peach Pit
Peaches n Cream
Talk Derby To Me

It must have been popular because it sold out several times and currently is not available at Ulta - I can think of a teenager that would enjoy this!

This is how I clean the make up & brush holder - the blow dryer! Super easy!

This is a nice brow product if you are in the market ~ "Brow Power" by It Cosmetics.

This is a universal color and can be make darker by using a firmer hand.  There are caps for both ends so this will make it simple to carry.

I recently read a fashion blog that has a link up but does not want anything but clothes!  For me, fashion and make up are joined at the hip!  How could you put together a great outfit and not do the face & hair??  I certainly believe a blogger should do as she pleases with her blog but fashion without beauty is champagne without the bubbles!

The current issue of House Beautiful features an entry way in a lovely lavender!  Since my dining room is pink I appreciate the use of color.  I think this is a Georgian (1700-1780) Colonial which can easily accommodate color and I hope this bodes well for the spring colors for 2017.

I have a surprise for you! The folks at Schwartz Bioresearch sent me a sample of  their Phyto Ceramides and are kindly offering a giveaway for you!
Dr. Oz has done a show about ceramides and how they can possibly help reduce wrinkles - I am all about that! This product also includes vitamins A, C, D & E, all of which I need more of.  I realize I will not be wrinkle free overnight but it is a great way to start the process in a natural manner.
Good luck! (the company will award the gift).

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Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

 ~ All items purchased by me unless otherwise noted~

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  6. Nice colour palette, I like warm colours too for the eyeshadow.

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  8. I'm interested in trying that Sweet Peach palette myself but haven't been able to find one yet. I know they're re-releasing it in December, and I'll have to jump on it! I have a rosy/peachy complexion, so while most palettes aren't great fits for me, this one just might be! You're right that some of the colors are quite dark though, and I usually go for lighter hues as well. It's kind of you to pass it on as a gift if you decide not to keep it. I agree that most teen girls would be psyched about a Too Faced palette. I sure couldn't afford the brand as a teen!

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  9. I love eyeshadow palettes and I'm always amused by the creative names for the colors. Welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing this fabulous find on my Fine-Whatever link up.


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