Sunday, August 28, 2016

I found this Estee Lauder set at an outlet and am excited to try these different forms of skin care.  I am of the age that firming & lifting are very important to me!  Of course, it would be helpful to be consistent with the products but I admit that I am not.
I know these will be high quality products so even a little improvement will be wonderful!

A couple of times a year, I take a tissue and rub over my powder products and scrub fairly rigorously to that a new layer comes to the surface.  Though I use clean bushes, I think this keeps fresh product on top.  It can't' hurt!

I just found this holiday collection from Two Faced and the eye shadows are calling me!!
 too faced holiday 2016

I can't believe this haircut is only 2 weeks old!  If I wanted it to grow of course it would not!  I still have 2 weeks before the next appt!
But I am still in love with Drybar's Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse - it gives serious volume without stiffness and it is on my Sephora list - to be had, again!

Please see this blog - such a lovely person and thank you for remembering me! She is one of us  'more lovely for longer' ladies -- is that not the best name !!.  Love you Mimi (the other one!!)

Hi, my name is Mimi and I have a pen problem:
 NO, this is not at all the amount of pens I have bought - if it is pink or purple ink, I bought it!
I love this time of year when all the new choices have arrived!  If you see me buying more, stop me!

Dear Gs is a dinosaur aficionado and has been since he began reading many years ago.  So for his 4th birthday I made a Jurassic Park cake and he was thrilled - now it is the only one he requests.  I make the cake of different levels and crumb coat the entire thing with chocolate to represent dirt, along with crushed choc cookies.  I buy dinosaur 'eggs' (jelly beans in marshmallow flavor so they are speckled), pretzels for fences and make white frosting which can be colored for: water/pond=blue; volcano lava=orange and grass=green.  I always have a variety of sprinkles on hand and they use them to give dimension to the landscape - they are very artistic and have a great time creating the masterpiece!
At this point, I have already collected various dinosaurs and washed them.

Jurassic Park birthday cake - sparklers in the volcano - pretzel fences trying to keep the dinosaurs caged, but to no avail!
*Put them in white t-shirts so you can bleach the dyed frosting out!
                                  Happy birthday angel -  I love you more than my next breath.

***I have decided to be careful about the photos of my loved ones that I share.  I recently read that pics of children taken from social media sites are used in foreign countries for nefarious purposes.
A local news show stated people should not put pictures of children with their names and the schools they attend on public websites.  I think this is a reasonable precaution. 
It is a sad state of affairs but protecting our little ones is always paramount to anything.  Be careful out there.

Pink isn't just a color ~ it's an attitude!  

 ~ All items purchased by me ~
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  1. Great stuff :)
    What a wonderful cake :)

  2. I like your idea of scrubbing the surface of your powders, I will borrow that! Thanks for sharing, xo


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  4. Great products, enjoy them all!
    And happy birthday to your angel. :)
    Have a great week ahead!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  5. Cute Too Faced product!

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  6. Wonderful products. Thanks for the tips. I have to try the mousse. Very cute cake too. We love having you share at DI&DI.

    1. Thank you Linda! Your blog is such fun!
      Have a great week! Mimi

  7. I always enjoy your reviews of products. That cake is very cute and he looks quite happy with the gift.

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  10. My mom has a whole drawer full of pens :)

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  11. Great products! :D

  12. I will have to check out the Dry Bar, I like the idea of it giving volume.

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  15. :-) Happy to find your beauty and pen post between all those fashionable ladies.
    I LOVE PURPLE ink! Whenever I see a purple pen I'll buy it. It's in my genes :-D
    Came here to you via Nicole's link-up.
    Have a very HAPPY weekend and greetings from far away Vienna :-)

  16. Your hair looks wonderful! I love Drybar products too. And what a fantastic cake! Thank you for being a part of our Hearth and Soul Hop.