Monday, September 30, 2013

I have been using some John Frieda products that have been great.  My fine hair is very straight & must be bribed to hold a style.  Also being blonde, we know we should use a 'purple' shampoo once in a while to brighten the color.  Here are 2 prods I really like:

The Sheer Blonde Color Renew smells good & did a great job refreshing my color, without being overly dry.
The Luxurious Volume Blow-out Spray is a nice volumizer.  I spritz it on damp hair then start blow drying, sometimes turning my head upside down ( something migraineurs should not do!!).  It is a great prod for fine hair - wish it came in a larger bottle.

I am baking today, as my dear friend Caroline has a birthday Sat. & I am making her a gift basket that I think she will enjoy - do you like thick brownies with walnuts?  My family loves these so I hope the birthday girl will too.
Off to take the banana bread out of the oven - I'll save you some!!

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