Monday, April 13, 2015

Being a person of persistence, I have found the Milani Rose Powder Blush that I was looking for!  I got the last 2 that were in stock and I really like both colors.
The Romantic Rose color could easily be used as contour on very fair skin.
Romantic Rose
Tea Rose

I think the information contained here is important - it is so vital not to share make up items.  I know it can seem that a simple swipe of a friends make up brush is innocuous but dangers may be present that we do not see:
I am the first to admit that I throw away my make up brushes routinely and since I have had a cold recently, my big powder brush is going in the trash!

These Revlon interlocking eye shadows are adorable!  I love these lilac & lavender colors and these will be great for traveling - much easier to see in the make up bag when interlocked.
My next update will show my Ulta 20% Off Haul!!  It was fun - things that I had been hesitating on are now mine!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing about this makeup.mthe blushes look really nice!
    Julie so

  2. The Romantic Rose color looks so cute...Nice review

  3. Revlon has such nice, vibrant colors. #ThriftingDiva

  4. I enjoy reading your makeup posts. Sometime you should include photos of yourself wearing your favorite eye shadow, etc. Sometimes it helps me to see it on someone else.
    I like your blog a lot.
    Have a great day!