Monday, December 30, 2013

The new year is almost here which is always an exciting time.
I am thinking I will shop within my dressing room for a while and re-discover products that I have forgotten about - I can see unopened boxes which is a good incentive!

 The grandchildren leave tomorrow and the house will be too quiet - I already miss those sweet faces.
I am going to Visible Monday   to see what everyone is wearing - always a fun time. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I hope the holidays are wonderful for you & the weather is cooperative-we are set to have record heat here in the South!
Are you planning to try new products in the coming year?  I got this set about a month ago & have been using the cleanser but I may try the entire regimen and see if I notice a difference:
It is Peter Thomas Roth's 20th Anniv Kit.  It includes Anit-Aging Cleansing Get, FirmX Peeling Gel, Cucumber Gel Mask, Power K Eye Rescue, Neuroliquid Youth Serum and Oilless Oil Purified Squalane -I have been wanting to try the Power K & the Squalane so I may as well try everything together for maximum benefit.

My adorable hair dresser cut some extra layers in my hair & I really like it.  I can also flip it out which I do frequently, depending on the humidity levels!

Forgive the No Makeup look!

I wish you every happiness during the holidays and upcoming new year - it should be fun discovering new things that help us define our style.  Here's to 2014 !!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Good morning my insomniac sisters!
I have been out in the makeup world & have things to show you, but a sore throat is not playing nicely & I have to be ready for a cookie exchange by Sat.  So I will force myself to sip tea & watch "Young & Restless" today.  But I thought I would share at least one accomplishment for this week:
Now I have kept this a pink & off white colored tree for years but I can easily see me incorporating 2014's Radiant Orchid color in the design scheme for next year.  A local female newscaster mentioned she puts up at least 3 trees & has done up to 5!!! Do you decorate multiple trees?  Please share them - I always enjoy others inspiration.
There is nothing like the sight of the grandchildren when they first view the tree - their eyes widen & their mouths form 'oh wow' and my heart is content for another year. 
I wish for you the same child-like happiness for now & next year.

Friday, December 6, 2013

 I am in love with Pantone's color of the year: Radiant Orchid:
"Pantone, one of the world's foremost color authorities, just announced its 2014 Color of the Year today: Radiant Orchid, what Pantone calls a "captivating, magical, enigmatic purple."

I must have more of this color!  I will need this color in eye shadow, shoes.......everything!!!

I hope your weekend is wonderful.  I will be making cookies for a cookie exchange next week & since it will be cold & possibly icy on Sunday, I will stay put with the fireplace.  All the best to you!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I love this recipe - I dreamed it up several years ago and serve it with turkey or chicken:
It is whole cranberries with mandarin oranges, pecans, cinnamon & anything else you like - a splash of vanilla, orange liquor or a tsp of sugar.  I make it the day before so the flavors come together.  I so enjoy this cut glass bowl - I have several of them that I found at antique shops.
So, did you go crazy on cyber Monday?  Since shopping online is accessible every day I don't feel rushed - the last of the grand children's requests are on the way so I am officially done.  I am now looking forward to the spring collections - which I hope do not include the color coral!

I recently read about someone that has over 300 lip glosses - and does not share them / this is her own personal stash!  Might they not go 'off' after a while?  I love a good collection but, wow!
                                                           Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

No matter what the season is, I love southwestern jewelry. It's beautiful with everything - here are some of my pieces (I made the chandelier earrings):
I have not been wearing a lot of denim but I may start... come spring!!
I am going to use this for my Visible Monday - it's a nice site!
I'll come back & show one of my favorite recipes after the migraine passes.