Monday, September 28, 2015

Please forgive no new post this week - my son & his family were hit by a drunk driver over the weekend.
They were hurt and the car was totaled. 
I will return when they are settled in.
Please be careful out there.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

As a birthday promotion, Ulta sent me a $10 certificate - which I only remembered until the last day!  I used it for a Zoya nail polish in Cinnamon:
I find it too dark chocolate since I am looking for a deeper copper color for fall.
But since I had a copper color that was too light on its own I got the idea to layer it over the darker polish - absolutely love it!  Women are so smart!
It is a subtle difference but enough to make me happy & achieve the almost perfect color I have been searching for.  So glad I did not give up!

My current Ulta order brought some new products I have never tried and a 'goodie' bag of lip products which were mostly full size!

I appreciate the gift but these are not colors I would use, soooooooo, don't you think this would make a nice giveaway??!!!!!!!!!! (I had to open the package so you could see the different products.)  Some are sealed & some are not - many times Ulta sends lip & skin products without any security seal - they should improve that situation.  Let me know what you think about the giveaway.
Here are the other items I received from my Ulta order:
The Clarins Glow Booster is so easy to use:  just add 3 drops to your face moisturizer and press into the face & neck.  It gives a very subtle glow without glitter!  You can use it everyday to build more color or just a couple of times a week for a healthy look.  The No7 advanced serum is wonderful - my sensitive skin is happy with this and it absorbs without any oiliness.  I also use it at night on the back of my hands.
The Hada Labo Hydrator is new to our market and I have not tried it yet so it will be reviewed later.
(All products purchased by me).

I found this pillow sham while looking for something else (of course!)
I have Ralph Lauren sheets in a denim blue on the GC's bed and thought this blue pillow sham would look nice - it will be comfortable as GS sits on the bed and plays games on his tablet.
 And since I was looking for something else, I found these accents pillows to go with the above sham!

 I hope fall is wonderful wherever you are!
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Monday, September 14, 2015

My sweet munchkins are coming and one of their favorite treats are cupcakes:
chocolate with chocolate chips!

This is how I am currently storing some of my make up brushes:
But I am not sure how to stand double ended brushes without crushing the bristles.
I guess I could lay them across the top but it might get in the way.
Please share any suggestions.

I love these brushes - apparently it's a limited edition and each brush is labeled for its use: contour, blend and accent:
This would make a nice gift!

I have been using Covergirl Professional mascara and love it!  I only use waterproof and this is the real deal!  It lasts until you take it off.  I will definitely be hoarding this!

I am sort of liking this copper polish that I found at a discount store - the bronze polish on the right is Revlon's Colorstay Gel Envy "Double Down".  I think it may be too light for my pale skin.  Here they are side by side:
I will probably go with a couple more coats of the copper to see if it's a keeper - it was less than $2 so not a great loss if I toss it.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I have been playing with the zillion eye shadows that I own and learned that L'Oreal owns Urban Decay. I own these palettes - La Palette Nude 1 and La Palette Nude 2 so I would not pay the extra difference in price between UD = $54.
The design of the palettes are so similar and since I rarely finish a product it would not make sense for me to spend the extra for the name & I find UD has too much glitter for me.  But Ulta has a version of this type of palette & here are some of the colors:
The Ulta palette:
Very similar and I am all about back ups!

I bought this bright eye shadow palette for spring & summer and never used it!
 I bought this palette for just a couple of colors ~
So with your permission, I will wait and review it next year!!
I am in love with lavender & plum shades this time of year.

I have not been a fan of the eye pencils (crayons) but this color "Strawberry Milk"
 from NYX has a nice sheen without shimmer - makes it easy to reach the inside corner  of the eyes.
I love these earrings but forgot I had them - the little pearls are the color of the above eye pencil! I love wearing pink with gray which is great for this time of year.

In the post below I shared some of the colors of nail polish I am using & someone wanted to know if they are 'my' nails.  Yes, they are - I broke my back last year and got out of the habit of going to the nail salon -it was just too painful to sit for over an hour to do gel nails.  But if I could find a great salon I could be enticed to return!!

Sept 1 for me is officially time to put out the fall wreath;
I am definitely doing a larger bow next year.  But since I am creating a new design for this year's Christmas tree I have to get started - I realize it seems early to most people but as a daily migraineur I lose a lot of days where nothing gets done.  Luckily most of my family & friends understand when they see a dozen projects scattered around but it just can't be helped.  But honestly I would clean up if you were coming over!!!!!

The leaves are changing in the NC mountains so come and enjoy if you can!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This week I decided to try Revlon's Sky's the Limit in Colorstay Gel Envy, knowing I would be wearing a lot of blue:
 Not sure I am crazy about that color - I think this blue is more my style:
But I think the plum color is still the current favorite.
 I love going into the craft stores this time of year because the holiday items are displayed.  I am going to forgo my shabby chic pink style for the Christmas tree this year and use burgundy, cream & gold accents - these are the colors for the tree top bow:
I always leave some ornaments off so the grands can 'help' - there is nothing like seeing the holidays thru their eyes:
I love them so! He gets all my money & she gets the jewelry and anything designer - she has already picked out her favorite bracelets but at 5 yrs old I am sure this will change over time!

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